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Review of 2019
1. Visit 50 countries by 2020 (I’m currently at 41, soon to be 42) – possibilities include Liechtenstein, Greece, Faroe Islands, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Morocco, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cuba… but I’ll take advantage of any good deals I find!
ALMOST ACHIEVED! I couldn’t remember how I reached this number so I recounted my countries and territories based on the list at the Travelers’ Century Club and as at 31 December, I’m at 49… I did travel a lot over the past year but mostly revisited places I had already been.

2. Make healthier food choices and start intermittent fasting again – thanks 30s metabolism
NOT ACHIEVED! This was mostly a fail but I did have some successful weeks here and there.

3. Edit and upload future travel photos within two months of taking trips (and get through existing backlog by the end of 2019)
NOT ACHIEVED! This definitely didn’t happen and the backlog is bigger than ever! I should have more time to work on this in the second half of next year.

4. Put £x into my travel savings account from every pay check
SUCCESS! If nothing else, I always reach my (albeit modest) financial goals.

5. Take more advantage of being in London and have at least one new experience (be it going to a new area, landmark, venue, etc) per month
NOT ACHIEVED! I think I spent too much time out of London this year to have seen this goal though like I had planned. I’ll be in London a lot more of the first half of next year so hopefully I will do more of this.

And for 2020
1. Have £x in my savings account by June 2020
2. Find a new hobby that involves physical activity
3. Start a language course
4. Travel to 5 new countries
5. Reduce my expenditure on food

2884 days


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