This is what I’ve arrived at so far, obviously they’ll evolve and change over the ten (TEN!) years this will go for. Some items still need to be fleshed out, but I know I want to do something around the general topic.

Fortunately I have a bunch of items carried over from the 50 project to kick me off (last project’s failure is this project’s … whatever). Stating the obvious, these are the ones in blue with (50) appended.

I’m planning to have the 60 settled on by the end of 2017.


Last updated November 2019

01.   Make a patchwork quilt (50)
02.   Learn to complete a cryptic crossword (50)
03.   Eat no meat for a week (50)
04.   Make a piece of jewellery (50) COMPLETED: FEB 2020
05.   Cook something ridiculously complex (50)
06.   Go indoor climbing (50)
07.   Make something from clay (50)
08.   Make something from resin (50) COMPLETED: DEC 2019
09.   Complete our family craft activity (50)
10.   complete my embroidery | Don’s something special (50) COMPLETED: JUL 2019
11.   Complete Joan’s something special (50)
12.   10 craft projects = equivalent of one per year
        was Enter Sydney to Gong bike ride (50)
13.   Read no self-help books for a year COMPLETED: DEC 2019
14.   Go on a multi-day cycling holiday (somewhere relatively flat!)
15.   Visit China
16.   Take a selfie every day for a year (not published anywhere – just done)
17.   Retire!
18.   Visit Scotland
19.   30 movie dates with Don = equivalent of three per year
        was [something] movies
20.   Buy 12×10 new music = equivalent of one per month
        was [something] new music
21.   Meditate every day for a year. Record observations.
        was [something] meditate
22.   Take a camera class
23.   Re-learn how to draw a cross section of a topographic map
24.   10 low-key, low-cost weekends away = equivalent of one per year.
        was 2x local low-key, camping-style weekends away per year
25.   Have my first mammogram COMPLETED: DEC 2017
26.   Grow my hair long(ish) one last time
27.   Kill my gmail account(s)
28.   Give one compliment every day for a year (and record who and what)
29.   Delete instagram account
30.   Knit a hat for each member of the family
31.   Give up chocolate for a year COMPLETED: JAN 2019
32.   Stay on a houseboat
33.   Go to the symphony
34.   Sew an invisible zip into a garment
35.   Have a skiing lesson
36.   Pay off mortgage
37.   Get back to running – 5km MAX.
        This also means I should abandon any ridiculous ideas of half-marathons and such.
38.   Keep at the no drinking
39.   Update my CV COMPLETED: SEP 2021
40.   10 craft courses = equivalent of one per year
        was Expunge “like” from my vocabulary
41.   learn to pick a lock
        was Be more present (precisely how to do this is yet to be determined)
42.   no fast fashion in 2020
        was [something] about not buying fast fashion
43.   Visit MCA and White Rabbit Gallery
44.   20 hikes/bushwalks >10km = equivalent of two per year
        was [something] hikes
45.   Do something momentous for each birthday
46.   Make (and wear) one article of clothing per year
47.   Record all personal spending for a year
48.   Move the blog to self-hosted wordpress COMPLETED: JAN 2019
49.   Cook one new recipe from each of our cookbooks + 10% of recipes I’ve bookmarked (currently 154 in bookmarks)
50.   Blog every book read – 2018-2028
        was [something] reading
51.   start a regular home yoga practice. 3x per week.
        was [something] yoga | pilates
52.   make candles with Joan and Bessie
53.   play tennis with Don COMPLETED: NOV 2018
54.   have a tarot card or palm reading
55.   stay under 70kg
56.   learn to tie complicated knots
        was do 5 pull ups
57.   plank for 5 minutes (minimal wobbling)
58.   luxury resort holiday with Don COMPLETED: NOV 2018
59.   yoga retreat
60.   Spontaneous holiday – go to the airport or get in the car and go away for a week with absolutely no pre-planning!