267/2021 – 60before60: #39 update my CV

In astonishing news, I completed my CV last week!

Scheduling a daily check in with Vincenzo and encouraging and cajoling each other along worked an absolute treat. I also sat down at the laptop one sunny Saturday for a few lengthy stints, made a ton of progress and wrapped up most of it. As another of my colleagues noted though – it’s much less difficult to pull this together when you’re not hating every second of your job and are desperate to get out.

Once done, I sent it off to a recruiter acquaintance. The feedback was encouraging and he’s ready to work with me when I’m ready to make a leap. I’m in no rush at the moment, maybe early 2022?

As you’d imagine I felt enormous relief afterward – especially after having the task hanging over me for over 10 years. I’d been telling myself for years and years that I could whip up a CV in a couple of hours if I needed to. Hah! Such deluded nonsense. It took many, many, many days and was a hard, uncomfortable grind indeed.

Despite those intentions, I didn’t buy the celebratory vintage silk kimono robe.

If we’re honest, it’s one of those fantasy-self items that absolutely doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle, no matter how much I wish it did. So inevitably it would just hang around, unworn, guilting me, until it ended up at the charity shop.

I’m trying to do less of that.

I will buy something appropriately celebratory though.

4 thoughts on “267/2021 – 60before60: #39 update my CV

  1. You’ll have to let us know what the celebratory thing turns out to be!

    Even though I have to update my CV every year for annual review, it always turns out that there’s something I left out. And it always takes longer than I think it should.

    • I really should take my own advice of noting down achievements as they happen! I fear now it is complete I’ll again leave it for another [many] years before making further updates.

      The celebratory thing won’t be AU$55 potpourri wood chips – though I’ll admit I am sorely tempted. Must remove myself from that mailing list as I find it difficult to not spend All The Money.

      I have resolved to not buy any more garments online if it can be avoided – my hit ratio is not great lately and it can be a real chore to return.

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