As part of my DFH course, we’re (optionally) formed into small groups who meet fortnightly to talk through the material, support each other and all those good nourishing kind of things. It’s been really rewarding to discuss big topics and go a bit deep with people who I wouldn’t normally encounter.

We had our last meeting for the first phase on the weekend and the group observed that I’m struggling with the possibility of change – mostly in a career sense.


This may have been very obvious to you, dear reader, but it was shocking to me. I realise after much reflection that I really only adore change when it is thrust upon me and I can bust out my mad adaptation skills. Instigating change, not so much. Not so much at all.

Mind. Blown.

Anyway, this has lead me to start creating my CV. My most recent version was from 2007 and I’ve had five roles in the intervening years. No, of course I’ve not kept those annual lists of my achievements that I tell *everyone* to keep.

Compiling it is utter torture – so much torture – but I am solidly and slowly plugging away, with a goal of end September for completion. I have absolutely no role to escape to in mind, but I’ll be relieved to just *have* the document, should an opportunity arise.

When I have a completed document I will buy this gorgeous vintage kimono robe (assuming it is still available) and swan about ThePalace(OfLove) like a fancy lady.

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