I turn fifty at the end of 2017. This is a list of things I’d like to accomplish before then.

Also, 50, what the hell? How did we get here so fast?

  1. visit Vietnam and Cambodia COMPLETED: APR 2017
  2. run a total of 700km (was: run a total of 100km in fun runs – revised 15/06/16 | was: run in a half-marathon – revised 13/02/16)
  3. participate two runs (of any distance) that are not in Sydney | 1 at Nov 2016
  4. stay (well) under 70kg (154lbs) for the next 1,254 days
  5. gtfo of SML (or resign myself to seeing out my days there and shut the hell up about the horror)
  6. 100 proper push-ups in a row (currently I can do about 5, okay probably 3) COMPLETED: JUL 2016
  7. sign up for a pilates class(es) COMPLETED APR 2016
  8. make a patchwork quilt
  9. sew a garment for myself and wear it (pyjama pants don’t count) COMPLETED AUG 2017
  10. visit Japan COMPLETED: SEP 2016
  11. attend a chamber music concert (was: build a wee model boat (still so bitter that my parents would not allow me to buy a kit) – revised 14/02/16) COMPLETED: OCT 2017
  12. stop drinking alcohol, like forever (was: go skiing – revised 17/11/16)
  13. complete the painting of ThePalace(OfLove)
  14. see a decent production of Macbeth COMPLETED: JUN 2017
  15. construct something with electricity – building a computer doesn’t count
  16. learn to complete a cryptic crossword
  17. visit Hong Kong COMPLETED: JAN 2015
  18. do the splits (9cm to go)
  19. do a back arch, like this:

    from: here

  20. learn to meditate (was: get decent & pleasing portrait of self – revised 27/11/16)
  21. eat no meat for a week (was: make wine + limocello (or other alcoholic thing) – revised 12/12/15)
  22. do the 100 days of happiness challenge (was: take Joe/Frank to Europe – revised 27/11/16) COMPLETED: APR 2017
  23. make will / estate planning COMPLETED: MAR 2015
  24. reduce frequency of sports injuries
  25. bike ride 50km in one day (was: see a moose InRealLife – revised 13/02/16) COMPLETED: FEB 2016
  26. buy an overlocker or stop talking about it COMPLETED: FEB 2016
  27. Ride bike to and from work (on one day) COMPLETED: JAN 2017
  28. Make a piece of jewellery
  29. Complete an edx or coursera course
  30. Cook something ridiculously complex
  31. Make a sourdough loaf COMPLETED: FEB 2016
  32. listen to an audio book (was: make a piece of furniture – revised 27/11/16) COMPLETED: JAN 2017
  33. Solder something
  34. Go indoor climbing
  35. Make something from clay
  36. Read something long and challenging COMPLETED: JUNE 2016
  37. ride a pony
  38. make something from resin
  39. complete a family craft activity
  40. complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle as a family COMPLETED: DEC 2015
  41. complete a piece of embroidery or needlepoint
  42. Enter Sydney to Gong bike ride (was: family laser tag or locked room activity – revised 15/06/16)
  43. 5 x hikes of >10km COMPLETED: APR 2017
  44. blog every day for a 12 month period (photos count) COMPLETED: DEC 2016
  45. knit a complicated shawl or scarf (was: knit a garment for myself (this means I’ll need to revise item 9 to sew a garment and wear it) – revised 14/02/16) COMPLETED: MAR 2017
  46. watch those Zeitgeisty/Important/Classic films which have passed me by – one every 6 weeks? (that makes 16) (was: finish advanced manageressing course – replaced 16/11/15) | 11 at SEP 2017
    • O Brother where art thou
    • Jackie Brown
    • Glengarry Glen Ross
    • American Beauty
    • Lantana
    • Being John Malkovich
    • The Matrix
    • The Apartment
    • Blowup
    • Die Hard
    • Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
    • Dr Strangelove
    • Seventh Seal
    • The Princess Bride (was The Ice Storm)
    • The Grifters
    • The Royal Tennenbaums
  1. no internet in the evenings for a month (was: make a planter with trellis for the front veranda, plant viney *things* and keep them alive – revised 27/11/16) COMPLETED: MAR 2017
  2. see four plays (that’s 2 per year) COMPLETED: DEC 2016
  3. buy new music on average of once per month (that makes 24) | 21 at August 2017
  4. make/craft something special for each of the family | 2 at October 2017

The project was inspired by the 30before30 list on the lovely danslelakehouse.

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