50before50: #29 complete an edx or coursera course

It can’t be All Success All The Time.

I added this one to the list because I wanted to extend myself a bit, and maybe to use my time at the computer a little more wisely rather than the endless scrolling | skimming | not-taking-anything-in. Almost like a habit retraining exercise – I wasn’t likely to get myself away from the computer, so why not do something productive?

I had no idea what particular course I wanted to do, but I was keen for it NOT to be work-related. Maybe art or architecture or design or literature – I flicked through the offerings periodically, but nothing really appealed.

Then The Science and Practice of Yoga appeared in mid-September and I signed-up straight away – this was something which aligned with my desire to do more yoga and get more into mindfulness. Clearly it was meant to be!

The course didn’t commence until the end of October and I completed the very lengthy pre-course survey with enthusiasm.

And then, work got really busy and well, I made a bunch of excuses not to get started. I mean it is only an hour or so a week and I couldn’t commit to that?

Well, I thought, I’ll wait until my break to start it – we’re 4 days in and still nothing. I’m pretty obviously not going to do this.

I’m clearly not cut out for online courses**. I’ve definitely recognised that I’m a more in-person sort (and hey, I’ve learned that, so not entirely a waste) – so I’m going to call this one ABANDONED.


** see also, my abandoned Advanced Manageressing course

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