Tomorrow Don and I head out for my off-grid glamping birthday weekend! I really wanted something fun, quiet and relatively low-key – so to the bush it is!

There will be lots of hiking and swimming and reading and fire-building and snacking and napping and … pony riding! What there won’t be is blog posts. When I say off-grid, I do mean it – there’s not even mobile reception!

No internet doesn’t mean no camera – of course I’m taking along the DSLR, but I’ve also dragged out the 8 year old lightweight point and shoot because I don’t think my power-hog-phone is up to the task of managing quick happy snaps without lots of recharging.

Surprisingly, the old camera appears to still have some life in it:

Now all I need to do is ensure nothing important is left behind!

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2 Responses to ever-closer

  1. Shauna says:

    that sounds brilliant! have a fab weekend :)


    • carolbaby says:

      Thanks Shauna!

      Should be a blast – we don’t do enough road trips, so nice not to have to rush to the airport to go on holiday!

      I’m sure (as always) we’ll return with grand ideas of buying a place in the country.


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