50before50: #20 learn to meditate

You might recall that I tried a bunch of meditation apps during my short break from work back in August.

What I eventually settled on was the timed mediation in the calm app. It’s not guided, you just set the timer and a bell rings when your time is up. I chose this one because while the guided options were really useful at the start, I found them to be quite distracting after a while. What I find most appealing about this is the background sounds – cracking fire, rainstorm – so soothing and restful.

I’ve been somewhat (very?) sporadic in my practice. I’ll have a streak of a week or more then skip it for a couple of days – because clearly mindlessly scrolling on my tablet before getting up in the morning is preferable *rolls eyes*. I then become aware that I’m quite grumpish and get back to it. As is the way of these things – bad habits can easily sneak back in if you’re not vigilant.

This week had been my longest streak of not meditating – but I sat down on Wednesday morning and the effect was pretty miraculous, I felt amazing all day (and subsequent days).

I’m going to call this one COMPLETE even though it’s obviously a journey (like sobriety). It’s going to appear on the next list – in whatever form that list takes!

And also like sobriety, I won’t say it is not really hard work, it totally is, but absolutely worth it I think!

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