dramatis personæ

It should go without saying that all the names on this blog have been changed to protect the innocent.

The family
Don: husband extraordinaire
Joan (formerly dfkan formerly nancy): favourite oldest daughter
Joe/Frank: favourite son
Bessie: favourite baby daughter
BabyKitty: a cat
NewKitty: a cat
Panzo: a car
Ajax: boyfriend of Joan
Fireman: boyfriend of Bessie
Corey: a bicycle

The workplace
SaltMinesLimited (SML): where I’ve spent 10 years of my life
Heather: best work pal
AnxiousMum: the anxiety is palpable, as is the crazy
MrT: former boss. the T is for Tuesday, as in “see you next”. has come to a mutual agreement to part ways with SML. has not quite left the building
RightHandHarridan: of MrT, colleague, thinks I should stop swearing
Vincenzo: minion. Ex-school-chum of Joan.
Arnie: minion. recently embraced teh gay. fabulous and flaming.
LadyPenelope: new new CEO, puppet.
Bobs: new boss, complete hard-arse
Knut: replacement of The(NowThankfullyDeparted)Professor, current Golden Boy.
Clarissifer: escaped for tree change, returned after less than a year. new neighbour.
Ringo: manager of things computing
Randall: card-carrying libertarian, new employee (and pal) of Knut, ex-consultant from Big Firm, mansplainer.
Vern-Percy: under-performing former minion with belligerent attitude
NotHeather: former occasional pal, mostly nasty piece of work
Dishy(ex)Boss (formerly DishyBoss): the nicest man you’ll ever meet, the worst boss you will ever have
KingLear:former former CEO – hung about for 2 years after ousting
Dr12: former new CEO – sadly returned to homeland
The(NowThankfullyDeparted)Professor: long-time colleague of the infuriating kind
Hecate: former manager, utter cow, thinks I’m too outspoken. was thankfully shown the door in A Reckoning.

ThePalace(OfLove): our abode
The ‘ham: our neighbourhood

Hilary and Hilarie: ex-colleagues. infamous drinkers

GerriScotti: former car
Bav: former former car

FatController: former personal trainer – broke me
RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio: what it says on the tin
SuperHappyFunGP: also what it says on the tin

last updated: 8 January 2016

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