50before50: #14 see a decent production of macbeth

I’d really given up any hope of fulfilling this. Every time I searched there was no production to be found anywhere.

I’m on the dendy cinema mailing list and an email at the end of May advised they were showing live RSC productions. Oh! thought, maybe just maybe, they’ll be doing Macbeth.

They weren’t.

But this triggered another search of the InformationSuperhighway for a production and ZOMG! Melbourne Theatre Company – and the season started in mere weeks.

We’d been planning a trip down at some point in June/July anyway, so snatched up tickets – there were very few available, so we were supremely lucky.

And today we did it …

It was just brilliant, we really loved it. Compelling and engaging and dynamic and All The Things.

The performances were excellent and the sets were incredible. Everything was almost continually moving – so much engineering and utter precision involved. There was (briefly) a burning car (backstage must be enormous)! This is very much different to what I’ve become accustomed to in Sydney where the preference seems to be for a more spare and minimal stage.

before the curtain (obviously – i’m not one of *those* people)

We were quite exhausted (in a very good way) at the end. It was almost a cathartic experience.

I’m so very glad we did this! And it wouldn’t have even been on our radar if it hadn’t been on the 50 list – so yay for that! Also (surprisingly) yay for mailing lists! And for serendipity and stars aligning and all of those good things!

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luxurious luxury

This afternoon we shopped and shopped and shopped. Don is now very well equipped with jumpers, shirts, a jacket and a pair of shoes. I finally found a pair of boots (hurrah). I was looking for long boots, but settled on ankle boots because barely any long boots will fit around my sturdy calves.

There was a girl on a corner offering to write poems (of course there was!) on any topic – I was tempted to ask for some verses on my inability to find a replacement handbag.


Our hotel room has a fireplace! 

And books! I’m not quite certain I remember how to work with such ancient technology.

Tomorrow I get to cross an item off the 50 list that I’d given up all hope of achieving. 

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frugality starts monday

We’re off to Melbourne tomorrow for a (well-needed) wee break!

I don’t think there is any speed other than intense at work right now. It will be very good to get away and reset.

When we return, I definitely need to get back onto exercising and eating a little more healthily – my waistbands have been getting rather a little snug over the last month and while I do need a new wardrobe, I’d rather it not be of a bigger size.

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stuff in my … bedside cabinet

One of Bessie’s earlier artistic efforts – which must be around 16 years old.

Such is my recent ruthless decluttering that this had a whole shelf in the cabinet to itself. 

Possibly I need to rethink that space!

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ignore the water spots

I’ve been longing for an anti-fatigue mat for ages** (at least 6 years), but really couldn’t get Don on board – and we have a pact to agree what comes into ThePalace(OfLove).

Last weekend he finally succumbed and my dreams were at last realised!

I have yet to spend hours standing in the kitchen cooking, but I already adore it. Standing on the wee bumps is like having a foot-massage. Okay, maybe not anything like having a foot massage. I do find it very relaxing and I’ll often stand and quietly bounce up and down or walk about a bit.


** goodness the light was much better for photographs in the old haus.

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stuff in my … spam folder


I always wanted to tell you that the cloths you wear do not look that good on you. Please be more classy! It is for your well-being.

Just an advice from a friend.

Thanks for the fashion advice Casey! I clearly need to lift my cloths game.

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reading 2017: part april | part june

This is again one of those times where I really wish I had recorded my impressions when I completed a book!

A little (okay, a lot) less reading in this period. And one of those times where I haven’t been entirely satisfied with what is on offer. No internet, no reading, no instagram – I have no actual idea what I have been doing with my time!

Charlotte Abrahams: Hygge – A Celebration of Simple Pleasures
Not a huge fan of this. I found the author a little complain-y and slightly bitter. She was very sneery and dismissive of self-improvement, which is (as we know) one of my favourite things, so we were never really get on. I think I’m totally maxed out with this genre.

Nancy Mitford: Love in a Cold Climate
Shockingly, I’d never actually read any Mitford before. This was one of those spontaneous bargain buys from September 2011. Of course I liked it.

Nancy Mitford: The Pursuit of Love
I daresay I should have read this before Love in a Cold Climate. Of course I liked this too.

Anthony Berkeley: The Poisoned Chocolates Case
Classic golden age. Featured 2x alternative endings by other (recent) authors – ridiculous and unnecessary.

Kathleen Tessaro: Elegance
I’d read this years and years ago (yikes 2004!). Comfort reading. Total fluff. I was comforted.

John Safran: Murder in Mississippi
I’ve long been a bit conflicted by John Safran – he can tend toward the precocious and bratty, but he does some really very good things. This took a while to get through (couple of pages each night before bed), but I enjoyed it.

Joanna and Chip Gaines: The Magnolia Story
And in totally shameful reading …
What can I say, I’ve been binge-watching fixer-upper.

I’ve also read a bunch of samples, but nothing has really grabbed me. I have no idea what I am in the mood for reading, but I have yet to find it.

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