black hole


I have no idea how I spent most of today. There was a 5km run, grocery shopping and cooking dinner – apart from that it is all a bit of a mysterious mystery.

I hope to be more attentive tomorrow.

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burn off

Woke up to the smell of smoke and it continued throughout the day.

Even at SML it seeped through the crevices in the windows our high rise and delivered us scratchy throats and coughs and watery eyes.

Even now at 10:00pm it is still wafting through ThePalace(OfLove).

Let’s hope this mitigates the bushfires over summer.

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both a token and filler

more japan: neko in kyoto

What a very long week this has seemed, though I can’t exactly pinpoint why. It’s not like there is a huge amount going on right now (well there is, but it is not stuff of the time consuming sort).

I look forward to the weekend where I plan to do not a great deal at all. Though I definitely need to action some of that mindless play which has been lacking in my life. This will be quite challenging because in recent times it feels like I need everything I do to have a purpose or serve a goal.

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token photo post

That time in Japan when I broke the chopstick eating ton katsu.

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spring! even the weeds look amazing.

This evening Bessie and I ruthlessly attacked the fabric stash. You might recall that we undertook this exercise back in January.

This time we’ve pared down to almost nothing by asking ourselves very tough questions about whether we would really do anything with the various pieces. And I think we probably need to add a “donate by” date if stuff is still lingering after a year.

What I find really interesting about this second wave of assessing all of our possessions is that we were so sure that we’d culled all the non-essentials earlier in the year. This time around we’ve already taken a car boot load to the charity shop – with at least one more load to come.

I suspect this renewed enthusiasm to divest ourselves of things has quite a bit to do with the trip to Japan and the fact we stayed in one hotel room for 11 days. We had minimal posessions and we managed perfectly well. Plus, of course, encountering  beautiful minimalist spaces – so peaceful and soothing and I want a part of that.

There’s still quite a huge amount to go through – I hope we can keep up the momentum! The current frugal kick does help with this quite a lot – if we’re not bringing it in, we don’t have to get rid of it.

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50before50: #49 buy new music on average of once per month (8-11/24)

For someone who finds counting so soothing, I’m really terrible with tallying up these things. The last post on my new music acquisitions should have been 4-7/24 (was 3-6, now updated).

To my surprise, I’ve managed to keep this up – though the acquisitions tend to go in chunks. Thankfully I included the word average in there.

Like my reading list, I’ve given up any pretense of aligning this to months / quarters and just post when I remember – this covers June through mid-October:

sex tourists: sex tourists demo
(digital EP)
I really love this. Very very 1980s electronica – New Order(ish), but also kind of lo-fi totally Aus.

la sera: music for listening to music to
(digital album)
First non-Australian music I’ve bought for a while. I’ve never heard anything so like The Smiths before – with female vocals. Particularly time to go which you should totally go listen to. Is pretty great.

the laurels: sonicology
(digital album)
Bit shoegazey, bit psychedlic – a lot fabulous.

i heard a whisper: class of 2015 – october
(digital album)
Strictly not buying new music here. An excellent free mix-tape on bandcamp from radio station RRR in Melbourne – feat. a bunch of really fabulous emerging artists. Will definitely pursue the work of a bunch of them. I’ll also be listening to the other RRR mix-tapes to discover new things.

Again, all bought from bandcamp, because they are awesome.

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50before50: #2 – run a total of 700km (1/7)

This is the most revised of all of my 50before50 challenges. Originally it was run a half-marathon, but injury kind of put paid to that. Then it was run 100km in fun runs, but there aren’t realistically enough fun runs to achieve that in the time available. So I settled on the 700km – mostly it seemed more of a stretch than 500km.

This weekend I finally hit the 100km mark. Hurrah! 

Unfortunately this took me 5 months and at current pace I’ll be quite a bit over 50 by the time I hit the 700km goal. 

This challenge is often somewhat at odds with #24: reduce frequency of sports injuries, as I could go much harder if it wasn’t for the terror of hurting myself yet again. 

By my calculations, I’ll need to do 10km a week from now to get there. I feel like this is not entirely unachievable. We’ll see where I end up.

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