counting down

Not quite everything was crossed off my list today. I did get some (though not all) project supplies, I did go to pilates (awesome) and I meditated (slightly less awesome, but I will persist). Cooking is carried over to tomorrow for I was driving around the place getting stuff (or trying to) in the time that I’d allocated for stock and bikkies.

100 days

I didn’t pick today as the start of my break for any 100-days-until-my-birthday reasons, but it has a kind of nice symbolism (though strictly speaking it’s probably more symbolic to be 50-days-until-my-birthday). My plan is to focus the next 6 days on crossing some of the more creative items off my list and set myself up for some of the others.

I have a whiteboard on my desk:

I have supplies:

Let’s do this!

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desperately needed

the paradise which is daiso

It’s the eve of my week off, I’m wildly excited at the prospect of some uninterrupted time to myself.

➕ Meditate
➕ Write giant holiday Action Item list
➕ Pilates
➕ Buy project materials
➕ Make chicken stock
➕ Make ganching’s scandi coconut biscuits
➕ DO NOT check work emails or slack!

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Today, I achieved peak wanker.

(yes they do sit funny – I have weird ears)

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It’s only day two, but so far the no-internet-before-work experiment is going unexpectedly well. I feel more focussed and less scattered. I’ve not forgotten anything in the bike commute, which must be some sort of record.

Obviously it is not quite the same thing, but this is definitely easier (so far) than the no-internet-in-the-evenings project. That one had the unintended consequence of really ramping up my morning internet activity to crazy levels.

I don’t know that I’m especially more productive, but that wasn’t really the intent – I’m a big fan of the calm and quiet and maybe I can get back to that learn meditation project.


The no-afternoon-coffee has delivered the expected headaches, and is serving to make me pretty ravenous. Clearly was working as an appetite suppressant. 

I don’t have any intention of giving this up permanently, but it is good to have periodic resets I think.

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50before50: #12 no more drinking alcohol (month 9)

Woo hoo! 273 days.

Month 9 was infinitely easier than month 8. I wasn’t interested in drinking in the slightest, nor was I all resentful that I was missing out on something.

This leads me to suspect that maybe my horrible month 8 was more to do with not being very good at self-care, of which exercise is a very big component. Now that I’m back cycling to work, doing occasional yoga and eating breakfast &etc my keel is rather more even. 

Or the Improved Mood could be because it feels like winter (such as it was) might be almost over. 

Whatever the cause, I’m not messing with it. 

On to month 10!

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don’t think it is the season

supermarket flowers

I’m going to attempt an experiment for the next four (work) days:
➕ no internet before work
➕ no morning or afternoon coffee – am permitted to consume the first-thing-in-the-morning wake-up cup.

I like an experiment and figured it was time to shake things up a little. I’m hoping for joyful and full of health. Unfortunately I suspect the outcome will be grumpy and headachey.

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a bit too close for comfort

I’m on my quest to get some value from that yoga pass, so went to hatha this morning – this week featured lots of hip opening stuff that I’m really feeling several hours later.

While riding back up my hilly street, a cyclist coming the other way came off his bike at speed (while going over a speed hump) and was laying unmoving in the road. I and a few drivers got there there pretty fast to see what we could do. 

The poor guy was bleeding pretty profusely from a very nasty eyebrow gash (and a few other bleedy less horrific cuts). Fortunately I had a clean towel with me to make a compress because there was a lot of blood. It was very lucky he was wearing a helmet because that was pretty beaten up. One of the drivers called an ambulance and I sat with my arm around poor cyclist holding the towel to his head, being the reassuring mummy type (calling his boss, ensuring the rescue of his AirPods) until the ambulance arrived. In very good news he’ll be okay.

This sort of thing does restore your faith in humanity – so many people stopped to offer assistance and the first to respond were all calm, sensible, well ordered and non-panicky.

What is horrifying is that this is the very speed bump I cycled over yesterday without a helmet because I was so unfocused and distracted I forgot to put it on. Yikes. Message definitely received.

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The only photos I seem to have time to take during the week are of sunrises – fortunately they’ve been pretty spectacular.


I really upped the ante in forgettery today – was 3/4 of the way down (and up) my (hilly) street when I realised I wasn’t wearing my gloves … or my helmet!

Of course I rode back and rectified that! but yikes!


Yesterday I booked that week of leave (hurrah!) – starting next Friday. I’m quite excited about it and must refine plans.

I’m also excited about the small annual salary increase I received today – nothing near the exhorbitant heights of my Very Highly Paid team member, but no complaints. I think I’ll seek out a small celebratory treat.

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shameful admissions #1

I’ve never read anything by Patrick White.

For someone who is Australian and calls herself a reader, this is pretty shameful.

I’m currently rectifying this and have just started The Twyborne Affair. I read an essay on White by David Marr in The Best Australian Essays: a ten-year collection (which had been languishing on the kindle for over a year) – which triggered the idea that I should remain in ignorance no longer!

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now that’s an idea for a series

So I didn’t get out for that run this morning, but otherwise accomplished everything else on the #tinygoalz list. Hurrah.

Tomorrow I intend to book that week off. Already I’m planning the projects – for it to be a success, I must avoid the InformationSuperhighway at all costs.


I’ve just started listening to To The Lighthouse – read by Nicole Kidman. 

I’m not quite sure how I feel about it – it has definitely made me realise there’s very much an art and skill to narrating a book, which I’m not sure Our Nicole possesses. It almost sounds as though I’m reading aloud (which is absolutely no recommendation, I assure you!) – all flat vowels and sibilant esses (hiss hiss). Not that I am by any means a connoisseur, but I think a great audiobook kind of takes you on a journey and is really immersive, this rendition is not terrible, but is really more akin to having someone sitting next to you reading.

Shameful admission – I’ve not actually read any Virginia Woolf before (apart from a couple of chapters of Mrs Dalloway several years ago).

I’ll keep at it a bit longer.

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