smashing barriers

Tonight I defied traditional gender roles and for the first time used the BBQ by myself!

Because pouring rain isn’t really conducive to busting out the BBQ, we’d had to carry over last night’s planned meal (BBQ butterflied lamb leg) to today. Don has Japanese class on Monday evenings, so I took a deep breath, assured myself that I’m a grown-up lady who is perfectly capable of working a simple machine and of throwing meat on naked flames – and did so.

And it worked! I was wildly excited by the results which were really quite delicious.

I could totally do this again.

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false economy

Next weekend I’d really like to not spend all of Sunday morning (or any other part of the weekend) catching up on work emails and general worky work.

Future Me might appreciate it, but she can piss right off.

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possibly watching way too many aquarium-related youtube videos

I really don’t think I’ve taken much advantage of the weekend thus far. I’m not sure I can identify much I’ve done today other than grocery shop and fold laundry (and there really wasn’t that much laundry!), and I definitely don’t feel as relaxed as I should do after a day not at SML

I really do need to start logging my time – if only to see what on earth I am wasting it on!

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there are some things that just shouldn’t be


The humanity!

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nothing to see here

This week has been a complete whirlwind, I’ve had two new starters whom I’ve completely neglected, meetings meetings meetings all over the calendar, action items piling up, unhinged people to … re-hinge – exhausting.

Despite this, I am not collapsing in a heap, because in excellent self-care related news, I am still:
➕ taking my lunch to work every day
➕ riding corey-the-bike to (and from) work every day
➕ eating breakfast every day
➕ meditating maybe 3/7 days (still trying to adjust to daylight savings)

There’s still a bit of room for improvement on the work biscuits front and I really need to reduce my coffee intake as I’ve begun to suffer from headaches right between the eyes and I’m pretty sure this is coffee related (rather than because of my bonkers workload). Gah! Will I be allowed no vices?

I am very much looking forward to the weekend.

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mangy princess

Some of BabyKitty’s favourite things: boden tissue paper, helping change the sheets, boxes of all kinds.

I say this all the time, but I really I should break out the camera more often.

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the new “curated”?

From the captions on this post on the otherwise excellent design files:

➕ Original Danish wall sconces and rattan stools were sourced privately by Tanya

➕ Original 60s Danish sconce lights purchased privately off Ebay and rewired by Peter

➕ And the chairs were sourced privately by Tanya and Peter

➕ And the wire chair, vintage speakers and Danish sideboard were all sourced privately

I’m totally adopting this phrase into the lexicon – “behold this delicious sandwich which I sourced privately“. “yes, these are great socks – they were sourced privately.

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make that 44

Things I am definitely unlikely to complete in the next 41 days:

2. run a total of 700km
I made it to around 300km, but haven’t run regularly for some time and while I miss it dreadfully, I’m a little underwhelmed at having to get way back to basics and go slowly so I don’t break myself. 

18. Do the splits | 19. Do a back arch
Both are really at odds with 24. Reduce frequency of sports injuries. Honestly, I should have been working toward these daily for the last 2 years! I’m further from the splits now than I was when I set this and I feel like that back arch is just asking for trouble.

21. eat no meat for a week
Carrying forward to my next set of projects – requires a fair bit of planning for this to be successful and I don’t actually have the mental energy right now (nor have I ever). May need reworking to something more achievable.

38. make something from resin
Also carrying this one forward. Definitely want to do it – need to source a class. The classes I did find conflicted with other things, but I will make this work.

42. Enter Sydney to Gong bike ride
Strictly speaking I entered this, but I withdrew today. I am nowhere near ready for that distance (and those hills!) and I’m pleased that I was not bloody-minded enough to push through despite better judgement. See also #24.

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rarely regret doing this

Thoughtful Bessie bought us gift vouchers to the Belvoir Street Theatre for Christmas last year and time was running out for us to use them up!

We chose Ghosts knowing absolutely nothing about it, mostly because the timing was right and being philistines that we are, neither of us has seen any Ibsen and thought we should probably remedy that!

We made a date of it headed out for a pretty early and leisurely dinner. We were in the mood for Japanese – and reminisced about our lovely holiday last year and did some tentative planning for our return trip in 2018.

Then we dashed through the rain (to be fair it was more like drizzle) to the theatre.

ubiquitous pre-curtain shot

Wonderful play – the production was great, the entire cast was fabulous, but Pamela Rabe was just brilliant – you should totally go see it if you’re around.

We’ve been debating whether or not to get subscriptions for 2018, for either the Belvoir or STC. I suspect we’re not quite ready for that level of commitment!

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50before50: #12 no more drinking alcohol (month 11)

I’m at the point now that I rarely think about drinking or think about missing drinking, so I think this has definitely stuck. It now doesn’t occur to me to want alcohol when out for dinner, though I do still get slightly surly when there are no decent alcohol-free options. I still find work events that involve drinking incredibly tedious, so avoid them like a thing to be avoided – the idea of standing about watching my colleagues get smashed holds little appeal. 

I realised last week that Drinking Me would have certainly had a few (many) glasses of wine to deal with the whole VeryHighlyPaidUnderperformer situation – which would only have resulted in making the whole thing more difficult and stressful.

Next up – a whole year!

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