you foolishly think you’ll write many insightful and interesting holiday updates

It’s very late, we just checked into our hotel in Hanoi and I am completely knackered.

We had an utterly amazing flight – which I’ll cover in excruciating detail tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, here’s a hint:

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the joys of travel

For the first time in a very long while, I missed my daily post yesterday. And just like the last time, because of ill-health.
We’d scheduled a tour of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom (Bayon temple) and Ta Prohm. All was peachy until we got there when I was overcome with nausea and felt very faint – it was also incredibly hot which didn’t help at all. Despite my reluctance, we cut Angkor Wat short and I napped in the car while Don checked out the Bayon temple with our guide. 

We came back to the hotel around midday for a rest, a shower and some anti-nausea drugs and we headed back in the afternoon to see Ta Prom – which was really quite amazing. 

Don was feeling none too fabulous either, so we skipped dinner and spent the rest of the evening sleeping and recovering. 

Now thankfully feeling about 85% (as opposed to the 2% of yesterday morning) and managed to get out and about today.

We’re back to Angkor Wat tomorrow for a second attempt before we fly on to Hanoi.

(It’s almost like I need to plan a week of pre-holiday to acclimate health-wise before I start the actual holiday)

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where we finally start to explore

➕ we went for quite a long walk along the river
➕ lazed about by the pool, lazed about in the pool, lunched by the pool
➕ don took his iphone swimming
➕ i lost my voice apart from squeaks – possibly the most peaceful day Don’s had for years
➕ i read and read
➕ don got a fabulous massage
➕ my back improved tremendously (thanks to very good sleep on nicely firm mattress)
➕ brilliant dinner at malis
➕ drank many fabulous non-alcoholic drinks!

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aches and aches

It’s 9pm. My body thinks it is 1am.

Woke with a pretty sore throat, but I did go to the gym this morning and felt Very Smug for doing so. 

This probably exacerbated the sore lower back I’ve been gestating which is, well, damned annoying. I think this is mostly due to too much aeroplane, though picking up Don’s fully laden suitcase (not using my knees!) probably didn’t help either. A lovely pharmacist in Changi airport hooked me up with some voltaren (equally as complicated to buy as it is in Australia).

We flew to Siem Reap this afternoon and owwwww. I plan to get a massage tomorrow which hopefully will make a dent in the pain. We’re here for a little bit, so hopefully that will let things settle too.

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i’ll get one in tomorrow

last wee bit of australia

We’re in Singapore! 

After an 8 hour flight I had much, much more energy than I could have imagined. I was all ready to head to the hotel gym this evening, but my yearning for exercise coincided with a need for dinner and dinner won. I settled for a Giant Bath for energy depletion instead.

This was my first long haul flight alcohol-free. I stuck with water because, well, the alcohol-less options were really shit – tetra-pak orange juice or coke &etc. Booze options – much greater variety. Note to self – buy own drinks before boarding.

I also avoided mimosas for breakfast in the qantas club lounge. Old me would have been all over that – because, holiday!

I definitely think there is a relationship between the no alcohol on the flight and the resultant boundless energy. I did still swell up like a balloon though, so there’s that theory quashed. 

We’re here overnight and then on to Siem Reap tomorrow. And Holiday! begins in earnest.

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and maybe a *little* shopping

Already I feel the tension (very slowly) seeping out of my body – it’s really been a crazy couple of months! 

I’m very much looking forward to this break.

Holiday goals: reading | feasting | sleeping | gym at least once every two days | avoiding alcohol – anything else is a bonus!

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squeezing in

I’ve just wrapped up worky-work for the evening. It was actually immensely satisfying to make as much progress as I did and sets me up for a (hopefully) clear run to HOLIDAY!

Immensely satisfying maybe, but this is the latest I’ve been working for an age. Actually it’s the latest I’ve been awake for an age!

My very highly paid employee today told me I was a great role model. After establishing that she wasn’t taking the piss, I thanked her graciously. My radical honesty and candor is apparently admirable. 

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