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dreadfully fuzzy – will fix in the better light of the am

We’re currently in a holding pattern to see if we’ve scored tickets in the ballot to watch our beloved ducks in the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne next weekend.

We’ve tentatively booked flights and accommodation – but unlike 2014, we’ll be staying at home if we’re not successful. Kind of a win-win because it will cost us a small fortune to be in Melbourne to (hopefully) watch the victorious victory.

Go ducks!

(I faithfully promise not to promise to get a ducks tattoo on my nether regions if they win. Unlike in 2012 – which fortunately I failed to deliver on)

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and a horrid tension headache

more sparkles, darling harbour

How can it be a whole week since our last night in Japan?

I still haven’t quite settled back into real life. 

I hope to action a bike ride, short run and further acclimate over the weekend. And also make a start on turning ThePalace(OfLove) into a minimalist Japanese style paradise. And possibly get a start on a bit of spring cleaning.

No pressure!

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well that was unexpected

Today marks TEN YEARS since our first date.

TEN YEARS! Holy!Goodness!

traditional 10 year gift: aluminium / aluminum (tomato / tomato)

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but can I keep them?

styling in muji, shinjuku: moral capitalism | the rise of psychopharmacology

Several people commented on how well-rested I looked on my return to SML today. Knut even remarked that I looked 5 years younger.

Clearly I needed the break!

I managed to maintain my vacation zen for most of the day, though there was a bit of “why are you sending me this email?”, “we do what as a process?”, “why must we complicate everything?”, “why am I here?” – questions which, given my new role, I need to keep very much top of mind!

Also I think the holiday has given me the gift of realising that I don’t need to do All The Things All The Time (okay, I knew that already). And sometimes it is really okay to not be so driven to achieve perfection in everything. Maybe I should just let go of some of my insecurity, maybe. Maybe I am not a terrible failure of a person if I suck at stuff, maybe.

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more mellow please

books + drugs: best shop ever?

I’ve spent the last two weeks diligently avoiding my work email, it will be interesting to see what the mailbox looks like when I return tomorrow.

Today was pretty excellent in very sedate kind of way – short 3km run, making of chicken stock, a beef and guinness pie, a strawberry cake and a whole bunch of holiday laundry.

Need to try to sustain the holiday chill for as long as I can – this will be particularly challenging when sitting right beside the very crazy, ultra-high-energy and super-intense Bobs. But I’ll see what I can do.

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and catching up on sleep


I’m really very glad that I had the foresight to take an annual leave day tomorrow. It just wouldn’t do to work a five day week straight back from holiday.

There is a whole bunch of tidying, cooking, decluttering (we’re very motivated to achieve both the minimalist holiday and  Japanese aesthetic), thinking and running (so much running) to be achieved!

I do actually regret not taking my running gear on holiday – I probably would have gotten in at least 4 outdoor runs. I think that number would have been worth squeezing my shoes into the suitcase. As it was I was quite envious when I saw people out and about – next time for sure. 

This time off has definitely given me a renewed sense of purpose with running – and a whole lot of other things.

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and there was much rejoicing

view from a nap

I’m pretty sure the kitties are very happy to see us home.

(And another day missed! I have much renewed admiration for those who can post every day while on holiday).

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