trying to be sensible

This morning was glorious – bright shiny and cold, there was nothing for it but to get out for a run!

I clocked up 7km – doing 5min run | 2min walk intervals, with some stopping to grab photos. A little discouraging, but I know I must ease back into it. I have a couple of aches, but nothing serious. There’s a fun run on tomorrow, and I was contemplating entering on-the-day, but there’s really no way I can run 5km right now (and likely no mother’s day classic either).

Tomorrow, we ride!

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new routines

Fuelled with porridge, I rode to work this morning! My second time ever.


Don is a bit of a daredevil when it comes to riding, so after a very rusty start** from me, we were quickly up and amongst the traffic.

Normally it takes us about 15-25min (traffic dependent) to drive to our car spot and another 15-20min to walk to our respective workplaces. Today it took Don 15min to ride door to door. 15min! It took me around 25-30min (I didn’t time it) and was a little more of a workout.

Riding home was another thing entirely. Don took another 15min – uphill. Because it was dark when I left SML, I rode over ANZAC bridge (the equivalent of a big hill) and kept to bike paths/lanes – took a bit longer, but I felt more comfortable that way. Don’s route is pretty straightforward, but I have loads of options to explore.

not a bad view

I felt brilliant afterward – post-exercise endorphins are a wonderful thing! Now though, I’m knackered in a way I’m really unaccustomed to – which is fabulous.

We’re definitely going to do this on the regular.


** I’ve kept this pretty quiet, but a couple of months ago I acquired a wonderful and gorgeous carbon-framed road bike. Poor Corey-the-hybrid was languishing unloved in the garage because I was holding onto him for possible bike-commuting purposes. The gears are completely different on both bikes and my brain was really struggling to remember just how mountain bike gears worked – I kept shifting down when I meant up and vice versa.

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We’re all set to ride in to work tomorrow! 

I had to get myself a bike lock because we had only one between us, and I picked up a light-weight shiny fluorescent yellow jacket – because I am likely to be riding home in the dark. This is not a little terrifying and something I haven’t done before.

I was wildly excited to get going after buying the new things – this is always the case, even the tiniest or most pedestrian new piece of equipment will get me really enthusiastic and keen to test it out. Yay, bike lock!

The exercise will be fabulous, but holy goodness there is a lot of organisation required (change of clothes, shower stuff). I guess it is a matter of getting into a routine – not in like going to the gym.

And if ever there was anything guaranteed to ensure that it will rain …

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It took a disproportionately long time to get to and from work today, so Don and I are considering riding in a couple of days per week. 

This is kind of scary, but also appealing – I like the idea of the exercise, but am somewhat less keen on the showering at work and riding home in the dark.

I should make it some kind of project and then I’ll be much more likely to pursue it.

Speaking of projects, I really do need to look at that 50 list. As at tomorrow there are 7 months to go (yikes!). I’m not entirely convinced of my ability to knock over everything in the remaining time but I need to ramp up the progress a bit. Action is probably more likely to occur if I get my nose out of books and actually remember what the remaining items are!

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and get back to squats and sit-ups 

On the ANZAC day public holiday last year we managed a 78.52km bike ride (so far that it seems amazing to me!). It has been a while side we last rode and we didn’t want to push it too hard, so this year we only racked up around 40km. I say around because, very very atypically, I didn’t track it. There are issues with my appleid and I have none of my apps on my new phone, so no sportstracker. This was strangely liberating in a way – maybe I don’t need to measure All The Things All The Time?

We rode to my favourite stop, to visit the parent of the wee figgies:

We have a goal to get out more on the bikes over the next few months. All of the extreme walking in the holiday did nothing at all to increase (or even maintain) my fitness and I’m struggling with most physical things – I had to cut my 3km run short on Saturday because I was having such a hard time of it. I definitely need to do something about that!

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You know, this whole regularly going to work thing is really pretty tedious.

Fortunately there is a public holiday tomorrow. Thanks diggers!

I intend to ride my bike and then make a pie. 

I can’t even imagine next week, which will be the first full week of work for maybe five weeks. There’s lots of interesting stuff going on and my team are brilliant, but it doesn’t have quite the same vibe as being on holiday.

Must plan the next one as a matter of urgency! I’d really like to do a big multi-day ride in an exotic foreign locale to celebrate the upcoming big birthday.

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misadventures in gardening #83749372935

It’s been roughly 20 weeks since my last gardening update.

While we had a tremendous time on holiday, but some of the plants, not so much.

The darling wee figgies were going very strong, but were attacked by ravenous caterpillars:

One of the tiny lemon groves died from lack of cosseting and could not be revived:

I have hope for the figgies, and I just may be able to keep the other grove alive (though it is looking rather sad).

Circle of life! Time to think of some new experiments!

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