When Joan last visited her (ex)1 step-mother, she very kindly gave us a dozen eggs from her chickens.

They were amazingly different in size and colour.

two pleasing photos to offset the dire next two

When I cracked them, the (unpictured) yolks were an incredibly violent yellow. And they contributed to a pretty spectacularly delicious quiche last night.

Yep, I’m still working on getting that pastry right (ARGH! shrinking).

And still working on taking a decent photo of food (or of anything for that matter!) I’m mostly enjoying the process, but at times both can be quite infuriating.

from iphone

from camera

Looks aside, it was my best quiche yet. And I do covet chickens of my own – but very fortunately have nowhere to store them, because it is difficult enough wrangling kitties.


1 yep, we’re one of those complicated families

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and loads of reading

stretchy newkitty

I’m currently in that ever-so-slightly panicked, I have way too much to do before I leave state that you sometimes get into just before heading off for a holiday. 

If take a step back, I only really have one essential (though complex) item that needs to be completed, so I should just focus on that – and everything else can gosh-darned wait two weeks.

Just a smidge over a week to go!

I still intend to participate in the SML wellness challenge while I’m away and my goals are going to include:

+ don’t check work email
+ go to the hotel gym x 3
+ try a different sake every day
+ eat ramen for the first time (I’ve been saving myself for this!)
+ afternoon nap x 3

I’m really very excited about this!

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Sydney house prices, particularly inner west house prices, are kind of nuts and have been for some time. There’s quite a bit of speculation that we’re in an extended bubble and quite a bit of alternative speculation that this is the new normal.

Evidence of the bonkers prices is a nearby recently sold 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom house which according to the listing is desperately in need of a complete overhaul (truth in real estate – novel!). This desperately-in-need-of-complete-overhaul-house sold for AUD 1,538,000. To give you some comparison this translates to GBP 891,606, USD 1,175,026, EUR 1,036,935. I don’t know how this compares to house prices where you live, but Yikes!

That intro is a round-about way of capturing the photos from the listing because I think they are (for serious) incredibly beautiful in that abandoned, urban decayed sort of way. Mad props to the (uncredited) Raine & Horne photographer!

This is what $1.5m gets you around here:

I’m pretty curious to see what becomes of it (unfortunately I suspect demolition and conversion to apartments).

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stuff in the … car park

my dad likes your car

Our neighbour car at Don’s-work-car-spot is a fancy 80s Italian rally car, which is in rather desperate need of a bath.

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not to shabby


HolyGoodness! I completed almost all of my weekend ActionItems. I’m actually quite stunned because I thought I was nowhere close – particularly after spending several hours each morning lazing about with the fam, watching athletics.

I was particularly pleased that I dragged out and rethreaded the overlocker(!) to hem Joe/Frank’s work pants. Well, I used it to finish the edge, I still hand-stitched the hem in the usual fashion. Baby steps.

I only failed to Action three items – editing photos, taking more photos (though I did take a couple)  and sorting the hardware boxes. 

Instead of those things we began a ruthless sort/declutter of the garage. This will take some time, but was very satisfying. 

And we packed away the winter coats! Obviously this will trigger some sort of lengthy Antarctic blast and we’ll be forced to drag them out again.

While in the garage I also unpacked my summer dresses, so I can pack them for Japan! 

I am very excited for this holiday!

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i am unaware of this perfume of which you speak

I have possibly already mentioned that I’m back to not drinking alcohol for the next little bit (again) because we’ve had a big couple of months dining out and whatnot and probably will have a big couple of weeks in Japan. Also, my mental health (and desire for productivity) prefers it when I don’t drink. And my clothes are becoming a smidge tight too, so there’s that.

I attended a function on early Wednesday evening at SML to celebrate the retirement of a beloved senior colleague – the kind with Board members, waiters and canapes. Do you think I could get a water or a drink that was not alcoholic? Well, I could get water if I went to the kitchen a grabbed it myself.

I think it is only when you (well, me) aren’t drinking that you (me) become aware of how alcohol is pretty much everywhere and how much there is an expectation that you’ll (I’ll) drink.

I’m very into reading about women and alcohol right now. Much of this excellent  post/essay/story/rant** on medium very much resonated with me. You should read it! I’ll wait.

Fave quote: Newly sober women have a lot of wonderful qualities, but lack of judginess not one of them. I can’t even begin to describe how hilarious and delightful I find wine being referred to as ethanol.

And who knew there was such a thing as cinnimon churros flavoured smirnoff? Surely this is some sort of end of civilisation trigger?


** whatever the kids are calling writing stuff on the InformationSuperhighway.p theses days.

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interesting challenges

I decided to go with the unravel and re-do the four stitches of the cable option on the bad scarf.


Two (or three, it was all a bit of a blur) hours later I had cables! 

But they were not at all to my liking and looked rather more messy than they do in the photo. And I suspect I got the spacing slightly wrong, because they didn’t quite line up with the other three cables. So I did what any Type-A perfectionist-sort would do and unravelled, unravelled and unravelled some more.

Oh well, I am in no rush to complete this and I would have bothered me a great deal leaving as was (see aforesaid perfectionist). It was good to know that I could (sort of) do this kind of repair,


ActionItems for this weekend:
+ run x2 >3km
+ tidy the very messy palace
+ cook beef stew, parsley dumplings
+ make some sort of cake / dessert thing
+ edit some photos
+ take more photos (practice with lenses)
+ hem Joe/Frank’s work pants (that have been sitting around for about 3 months)
+ buy white gloss paint (Joan is painting the interior doors for us! hurrah!)
+ ironing
+ replenish kitty litter stores
+ ruthlessly sort hardware boxes
+ sit quietly and think
+ plant something (this will score me bonus points for the SML wellness challenge)

I suspect what I won’t be doing is picking up that knitting!

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