never a good option

Our high thread count (and thus, not inexpensive) fitted sheets are not really seeming to last any sort of distance, so we now find ourselves with a disproportionate number of flat sheets.

I’m a huge fan of crisp sheets with a low thread count, so thought I’d give ikea a bash for something lower-cost in an attempt to redress the sheet balance and see how they travelled.

Once in the store (the humanity!) I was delighted to discover the piderviva range of linen sheets. I’d not experienced actual linen as bed-linen before, but had long been reading of the benefits – cool, hard-wearing, crisp – and these were comparatively affordable to prices I’d seen elsewhere. So I snapped one up.

After a quick launder and air-dry it was onto the bed with them …

While it rumples in a satisfying way, YIKES! It’s akin to sleeping on sandpaper! Each time I move I feel like layers are being removed from my skin.

And the sheet collects all sorts of weird fluff (which you can probably just make out in the pix).

Additionally, I’ve been having a lot of weird and vivid dreams this week – coincidence?

Perhaps it needs a few more washings and beating against rocks before we’ll give it another go – else it will be consigned to the fabric stash or the charity pile.

I did acquire a cotton sheet at the same time – here’s hoping for more success with that one.

And perhaps the lesson is to aim a little higher

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further adventures in gardening

The garden (okay, the collection of pots) on the lower balcony was looking pretty dire after winter – so there was a Reckoning.

I bought a couple of bags of soil, mixed it with the compost (okay, stinky sloppy mud-like stuff) from the faux compost bin and some sugar cane mulch and repotted everything. Some of the soil in the existing pots was like fine grey dust, with no organic matter at all remaining. Little wonder barely anything was thriving.

And we’re seeing results – we now have a small plague of tomatoes:

in the curry plant

in the chilli

in the baby maple tree

in the ginseng ficus

Well, we did have a plague, but if left to grow these will only serve as caterpillar food, so unlike prior years, they’ve been removed and returned back to the compost garbage bin / worm farm.

Circle of life.

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so this happened …

My baby graduated!

She completed her last subject at the beginning of the year, has a job in her hard-to-break-into field and has an emerging tiny business.

Go Bessie! We’re all very proud.

And as of this week she’s moved in with us permanently – rather than move back and forth between here and her Dad’s – until she moves in with Hansel mid-next year.

I will miss those crazy design assessment tasks! I’m sure she won’t!

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perhaps quite a good deal evil

I’ve had an account for over 14 years (!), but now I rarely use gmail for anything other than mailing list and shopping type stuff.

So when responding to DishyExBoss about our not-boozy lunch it was the first time in a couple of years that I’d used gmail to actually write anything.

I was surprised at some of the changes – particularly the Smart Compose. I was typing away and I suddenly found it was trying to complete my sentences for me. Wait, what?

I was trying to type “But it will always be thus, so I’m prioritising lunch” only to have it replaced by “But it will all work out”. Exactly not what I had intended and completely lost my train of thought for a while there.

Yeah, no google, I’m really fine composing my email without your assistance. And I probably need to action #27 on the 60before60 list – kill my gmail account(s).

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library haul #5

This go-round in amongst the books I had completed, I returned 3 books I’d already renewed twice, had not read and clearly wasn’t intending to read.

I’m now in this weird space where I have now two stacks of books with different due dates. Perhaps I’m being a trifle ambitious with my analogue reading?

1. Theory of death: Faye Kellerman
2. Mischief: Fay Weldon
3. Before the war: Fay Weldon
4. 419: Will Ferguson
5. Best Australian essays 2017
6. Women of letters – reviving the lost art of correspondence: curated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire

I’m intending to take a small stack of books with me on holiday. I’ve always existed solely on kindle offerings on previous vacations, so this should be an interesting (and rather heavy) experiment.

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evolution of language

We’ve been having some laundry issues recently where tee-shirts have been leaving the washing machine with greasy stains that didn’t exist before they went in. The google machine tells me this is likely because of my fabric softener**.

Serendipitously this laundry post appeared on the organized home yesterday – so I was full of interest.

While I’m not going to rush out for a 500ml US$45 laundry detergent (!) from net-a-porter, I did end up going down quite the natural cleaning products rabbit hole and ended up at murchison hume: boy’s bathroom cleaner.

Who knew that such gendered cleaning products existed!?

The instructions are … ermmm … quite something.

Text in case the screenshot doesn’t appear:
After robust bathroom activity, spritz a little down the bowl & into the air after flushing. Extra points if you spray & wipe the seat, and don’t forget to put the lid down. There’s a good chap.

Robust bathroom activity?!

This is what we’re calling pooping now?


** This weekend I’ve tried rinsing with white vinegar in place of fabric softener – seems to be working a treat (and surprisingly the clothes don’t smell like vinegar).

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that was unexpected

After a quite mild spring so far, it’s been rather hot over the last couple of days.

When I ventured out to the wild west yesterday for that lunch with DishyExBoss it was around 37 degrees (ugh). Add to that a slow train home with no air-conditioning (and windows which barely opened) and I was super-excited to arrive home to a blissfully cool bedroom – thanks to the new air-conditioner! Because the weather has been very pleasant up to this point, it was really the first time we’d tried it out. WONDERFUL and worth every cent (and there were lots of cents involved).

Today was equally ghastly (30 degrees inside), but I was the only one at home and up and down the stairs quite a lot, so rather than keep the air-conditioner running I just shoved a few fans on and sucked it up. Joe/Frank arrived home mid afternoon after a hot day outdoors, took a shower and lazed about in his room with his new air-conditioner on, Don arrived home from golf shortly afterward and plonked himself down on the couch with a cooling beverage.

I was pottering about, as is my wont, when I heard a loud exclamation. I turned around and WATER WAS DRIPPING FROM ONE OF THE CEILING DOWNLIGHTS ONTO DON’S HEAD.

Much investigation and troubleshooting indicated that this dripping was triggered by Joe/Frank’s air-conditioner. He’d had it on most of yesterday afternoon and last night with no issues, so we have absolutely no idea why or how it started – nor can we actually see *where* it’s coming from because all the cables seem intact (and non-wet). But water does now drip quite a lot from that hole when his unit is turned on.

drippy light

leak points – was also running down that white cable

What the actual fuck?

I foresee more holes in our walls in the not-too-distant future.

Of course the upsides are: we were at home, we were not on holiday! Because wow – this could have been a whole lot worse!

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60before60: #26 – grow my hair long(ish) one last time – year one

While neglecting the blog, I’d largely kind of forgotten the 60before60 project. Oops. Only 3311 days to go according to my tracker.

I’ve not really progressed anything much and honestly, the list probably needs some refinement.

One thing I am actively doing is growing my hair after having it super-short for years. The beauty of this project is that it just kind of happens with little effort on my part.

About a month ago it had sort of reached my neck (though there are bits that are just at my ears). I was trying to do stuff with clips and tiny top knots to make it look half way respectable, but it had very little body and was kind of lifeless and flat – though fortunately shiny and in pretty good condition. So I decided there was nothing for it but to … get a perm!

I chose a Japanese salon (which was lovely and comforting and very similar to being back in one of my favourite places) and spent a lovely few hours being cossetted. Sadly, my hair is “difficult” and the perm didn’t quite turn out as expected. There’s very little curl at all BUT it did give me some bounce and fullness which I am pretty delighted with. I think I am going to have to go to a full-on Western salon and have them bust out the very harsh chemicals if I want any curls at all.

And yesterday I realised that I can finally put it up in a very tiny, somewhat messy ponytail! Progress!

captured today on the long (very hot) journey back from the not-boozy lunch

The other excellent thing is that for me, the longer hair is quite a lot less ageing than the very-short hair was becoming. While it was a look I could rock in my early-to-mid 40s, something about hitting the late 40s meant it just didn’t work anymore.

Whether I last through a very hot and humid summer without lopping it off remains to be seem!

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in the cold hard light

halloween detritus on the morning run

Tomorrow I’m having a not-so-boozy lunch with DishyExBoss – the first time we’ve caught up in over two years!

I’m not entirely sure how a lunch which doesn’t involve alcohol will pan out. Especially given our wine-drenched luncheon epics of old – two bottles of wine each … sure!

As I approach the 2 year anniversary (two years!) of sobriety, this is quite possibly the last bastion of the many occasions where alcohol was formerly mandatory. Not wanting to be a buzzkill or harsh his mellow, I have assured him I’m very happy to watch him drink.


In daily October | November self-care stats …
Showing up here: woo hoo
Exercise: short run around the block
Creativity: nil (again!?)

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and sometimes you just have to phone it in

I’ve spent most of the evening reading an appallingly written (and way way too lengthy) proposal for an SML project and have no more brain to give.

Fortunately the other three proposals appear to be shorter, realistic and rather more coherent. But that’s my task for tomorrow!

back lane on yesterday’s morning run


And in October | November self-care stats …
Showing up here: check (after a fashion)
Exercise: early morning yoga (hardest class)
Creativity: nil (hrmmm … sensing a pattern?)

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