60before60: rapidly running out of ideas!

Obviously missed my goal of having these all completed by 31 December, but with 3,599 days to go the next tranche:

  1. [something] yoga | pilates
  2. make candles with Joan and Bessie
  3. play tennis with Don
  4. have a tarot card or palm reading
  5. stay under 70kg
  6. do 5 pull ups
  7. plank for 5 minutes (minimal wobbling)
  8. luxury resort holiday with Don
  9. yoga retreat

One more to go! By the end of the weekend for sure!

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2018 not-resolutions: joe/frank

And lastly, now that he has settled back in after his Adventure, Joe/Frank.

Review of 2017:

1. Lose ~10cm of belly/body fat.
This would’ve been a pass if you replaced “lose” with “gain” :p

2. Aim for a “C” (credit) average at uni, with at least one “D” (distinction). (might differ depending on the uni I attend)
Yes! Quite easily obtained in the end. And yet…I feel like I could’ve done better.

3. Try to do at least one ‘social’ activity outside of the house per month
I don’t think I quite got here, but at least I made some steps towards doing so.

4. Waste less of my free time just flipping through internet websites. (kinda goes hand in hand with #3, tbf)
No, this still happens quite a bit.

5. Improve sleep patterns. Stop going to bed so late, wake up earlier.
A little bit of progress made here. Sometimes I’m good about this, other times not so much.

For 2018:

1. Aim for a “D” (distinction) average at uni (raising the bar!)
2. Lose 10kgs.
3. Travel overseas or start planning overseas travel.
4. Try to do at least one ‘social’ activity outside of the house per month
5. Look for a new job.



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2018 not-resolutions: don

Don was the first to get his not resolutions in this year, but being the radical rule-breaker he didn’t reflect on the 2017 list – and it would likely be another 6 months before he got back to it, so the review is by me.

The 2017 items (only 3, see rule-breaker)

1. Get GA Handicap down to 10 or lower
NOT ACHIEVED – probably a little too ambitious. Only two off target, which is really pretty decent. Mental game needs work (and putting).

2. Learn map and compass land navigation
VERY PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – busted out the compass and map for my birthday hike. We didn’t get lost! We did have a very large path to follow so I’m not sure if it entirely counts.

3. At least two rides and/or hikes per month
NOT ACHIEVED – rides and hikes took a backseat in the latter part of the year. There was illness, there was golf, there were a bunch of things which neither of us can remember.

And for 2018:
1. Get mortgage to under $Xk (1% less than current projection @ year end). Stretch goal of $Yk (3% < current projection @ year end)
2. Attend Friday AM Yoga 75% of weeks
3. Minimum of 2 alcohol free weekdays 80% of weeks
4. Drop 2 strokes off current H'cap (currently at 12.2) and not exceed 95 the entire year
5. Golfing birthday trip somewhere mildly exotic



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Back when I was on my 3 glorious weeks of holiday in November, I attended the big design market with Bessie. There were many excellent items on offer, but I could not resist some wonderfully smelling candles from aacute .

Shortly afterward, while still on holiday, I visited essential ingredient and was helpless in the face of the aromatherapy company: lemongrass, lime & bergamot candle.

the bakery range came packaged in adorable oven

dry tobacco + hay | gingerbread men | choc brownie | sea salted caramel + macaron


Then first day back at SML, and despite my intention to reduce my spending, who could resist this bargain?

Peter Alexander: Xmas Pudding.

Add to this the woodwick candle I received from the offspring for my birthday and I’d better get burning.


Best thing today: thoughtful gifts from the returning travellers

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2018 not-resolutions: joan

Joan, enroute from Taipei.

Reflecting on 2017:

1. Go to China and North Korea.
I went! Both countries were amazing but seeing the other worldliness that was North Korea has been one of my best travel experiences.

2. Get some career direction by deciding if I want to go work overseas, change industries or do more study.
When I came back from travelling, I ended up in a job in a new area so I suppose I decided to change industries in a sense. It’s not for me though so back to the drawing board!

3. My travels through South America have made me realise how sickly and unfit I am, so work on those things by being more physically active.
I joined the gym, it counts as being more physically active if you have a gym membership. [fail]

4. Start cooking more and expand my repertoire.
Mega fail apart from a work charity cooking for 80 people experience I would rather forget.

5. Be more direct with how I feel about things and stop being so indecisive.
This was so vague but I suppose I’ve done this to some degree.

And for 2018:

1. Move overseas, preferably mid-year.
2. Achieve savings goal by moving time.
3. Lose 10 kg.
4. Don’t make poor decisions with regards to men and continue progress made since the beginning of this year.
5. Find a new hobby that isn’t travel or photography related.


Previous years:

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you won’t be needing those fingers

A couple of weeks ago the elderly cheap plastic desk fan we keep on a speaker in the lounge-room started making a horrid clicking noise when oscillating.

Because it was so elderly (and cheap), we figured it had reached the end of its useful life and was time for a replacement. So I took to the InformationSuperhighway and came across this rather interesting piece:

what could possibly go wrong?

Fortunately after a couple of days, clever Don jiggled the oscillate knob and all horrid clicking disappeared.


(and savings!)

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better than wasting my life on the information superhighway

As I’ve briefly mentioned a couple of times, one of my current projects is painting the upper balcony.

We’ve been here almost 6 years (SIX!) and it was looking fairly dire. I doubt it had been painted in the last maybe 15 years? I decided it was time to stop dithering and take action over the Xmas break – okay, to be fair, it was only one day over the Xmas break and one day last weekend. But yay, Action!

it was all pretty much like the upper section

that middle area – ugh

I’ve completed one coat and am about halfway through the second. I’m painting with a brush, rather than roller – a little easier, but much slower. The wall of house is has a really awful textured effect, which means takes forever to get into all the nooks and crannies. The brush means the coats are reasonably thickish, but I suspect it might need a third coat (especially that bit in the first photo!), because it’s exposed to pretty extreme temperatures and tons of pollution – with no cover/shade.

I should be able to knock over the second coat tomorrow and then reassess. There’s still a bit to complete after the walls are done – trim, the door, and door and window frames – but those are relatively small jobs. Hopefully all done by maybe mid-Feb – not to put too much pressure on myself! It’s kind of nice to get out there with a paint brush and audiobook.

Ideally what we’d like to do is put up some sort of pergola or awning, so that we might actually use the space (at the moment it is a horribly hot wasteland). That might make it to the list of ThePalace(OfLove) Action Items for the year – along with finally having our two non-working air-conditioners replaced.

What is going to make it to the list is a bunch of little maintenance tasks that we’ve been putting off. We’ve done a couple already (caulking etc) and it has been very satisfying! Much like everything else in life – you put off doing things because you’ve built them up to be hard and time-consuming, then when you actually force yourself to do them find they’re easy and take like 30 minutes.

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breathing again

This morning Don and I braved the bonkers traffic and headed off to the Royal Hospital for Women for my follow-up appointment.

When we arrived we were advised “no boys” were allowed in the actual waiting room, but we could sit together in the reception area and wait for me to be called. So Don grabbed a coffee and we sat around and read our respective things for a while – maybe 20 minutes?

After being called in to the secret-ladies-only-room, I met with a counsellor who talked me through the process – the radiologist would review my original (2D) mammogram and identify what what required a further look in a new (3D) mammogram, she’d review that and then I’d have an ultrasound. If it was warranted, I’d have a biopsy in the afternoon. The counsellor reinforced that it was more common to be called back if it was the first mammogram, because there was no baseline for me. They’d keep me informed throughout the process and I wouldn’t leave today without a result (which – fabulous! because any more waiting would be ghastly.)

Then it was into the changeroom to exchange my shirt and bra for a hospital gown (tied at the front) and then lots of sitting about in the secret-ladies-only-room reading magazines and wishing I hadn’t left my kindle with Don. And also wishing I had ear-plugs because I really very much hate morning/breakfast television programmes.

I didn’t have to wait terribly long before being called by the radiographer. Only my right breast was up for squishing (this made me a little nervous because I’d been assuming I simply had two weird boobs and all would be fine). While walking into the room I saw my original scan up on a screen and spotted a quite large dark patch (this made me a little more nervous). The mammogram was over pretty quickly – very efficient and professional, and of course painful.

Back out to the waiting room where I had to wait a bit longer for the ultrasound (maybe 20-25 minutes). I’d exhausted the semi-decent magazines so stuck my head out the door and grabbed my glasses and kindle from Don. All the while being rather nervous about that large dark patch.

Then I was ushered in to the utlrasound room and lay quietly on the bed for maybe 2 minutes before the radiologist came in and introduced herself – and proceeded with ultrasound. This freaked me out a little because I was expecting a technician and a later review by the radiologist. She was scanning and capturing loads of images all over the top of the right breast (in the dark patch) for what seemed like ages, maybe 5 minutes – by this point I was pretty much convinced something was awry and that I’d move on to the biopsy stage.

But no! Apparently I have “very many” cysts but they are all fine! And I was good to go home.

I had no idea I was so cyst-ridden, I’ve never felt anything even resembling a lump. Why do I have these cysts? It’s hormonal (yeah, thanks once again hormones). At some point the cysts may cause me problems – problems as in pain/discomfort and I might need them drained (ewwwwww), but very unlikely to develop into anything to be concerned about.

I hadn’t realised how much this was weighing on me, but wow – the relief!


Best thing today: clean bill of health!

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it’s the waiting

rise with your class, not above it

I do so love these anarchist posters.

Back tomorrow with a full report.


Good thing from today: 180 degrees walnut oat crackers – for a post SML snack with a wee smidgen of cheese – comforting and delicious!

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optimal state

capitalism conserves: borders, war & national madness | environmental damage | patriarchy | permanent crisis

My poor brain was so befuddled that I posted yesterday’s entry as a page (as opposed to a post) – now fixed.

I’m slightly more human today, but am continuing to take it as easy as I can. An excellent excuse to lounge on the … lounge and get stuck into my current book (recommended!).

Scary follow-up appointment on Thursday which I’m trying not to be too nervous about. In this way the not-quite-yet-a-cold is quite good as thinking too much is slightly challenging. The not-quite-yet-a-cold is serving me well in other ways too as I am very chilled and mellow in the face of ridiculous SML hysteria – must learn to maintain this feeling.


Best thing today: making yoghurt ice-pops – future me will be very appreciative.

Okay, maybe not the *best* thing, but a good thing – maybe I should rename this!

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