like a micro-holiday

rounding out the pix from last weekend’s bushwalk

Because I’ve sworn off headphones for at least a week, my train commutes have been a rather different experience than I’m accustomed to.

When I can grab a seat (rare in the mornings, common in the afternoon) I’ve been trying to occupy myself with something other than mindlessly scrolling through my phone, which is another habit I’d quite like to shed.

For the past two afternoons I’ve been tucked up in a tiny single train seat, engrossed in a hard copy library book.

It has really been such a surprisingly delightful thing!

I am very keen to keep it up.

2964 days

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tiny clevernesses

Since taking the quite radical step of eating lunch, I’ve been taking a sandwich to work most days.

We freeze our loaves of bread as soon as we buy them and lately** the individual slices have been super-difficult to pry apart – usually involving a knife as a lever and ending with a mangled or broken slice.

As a consequence we have *a lot* of fresh breadcrumbs.

I couple of weeks ago I had a genius idea. What if I interleaved the slices with squares of the wax paper we’ve had in the cupboard for the last 8-9 years?


And the wax paper slices can be reused, so not quite the environmental disaster it initially appears.

I love these small problem solving exercises.

2965 days


** I’m uncertain if this is the because of the bread or the freezer.

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with my thoughts

Last Saturday I productively pottered about ThePalace(OfLove) listening to a couple of podcasts and then a couple of audiobooks via my trusty airpods.

By late that evening I could hear a bubbling sound in my ears, had slight ear pain and felt like I was coming down with a cold. Pretty obviously the result of having the airpods in my ears for 10-12 (or maybe a little more) hours. I’ve always had weird ears and was super-prone to ear infections when I was small and I still get those bubbly ears after too much swimming or, weirdly, staying in headstand for too long.

So I vowed to lay off the airpods for the next few days to let the poor ears recover. It was only then that I really realised how much I actually have devices in or over my ears:

+ Exercise? Headphones – music
+ Walking? Heaphones – podcast / audiobook / Japanese
+ Catching the train? Headphones – podcast / audiobook / Japanese
+ Need to focus at SML? Headphones – music
+ Housework? Headphones – podcast / audiobook
+ Knitting? Heaphones – podcast / audiobook
+ Cooking? Headphones – podcast / audiobook

Not a day passes when I don’t listen to something via headphones. Isn’t it interesting how habits can form without you being at all aware of it?

A couple of days of non-listening and I decided it was time to return. I tried my AirPods, I tried giant over-ear headphones, I tried my favourite original round old skool iphone earbuds. I tried minimising my listening.

And still the uncomfortable bubbly ears and slight pain returned.

So I’m taking an extended break and carrying around a small bluetooth speaker to allow me to listen to things – which works in ThePalace, but less well in other environments.

And of course I will head off to the GP if this doesn’t improve.

I’m not super-keen to permanently reassess my listening habits, but I fear this could be in my future.

2966 days

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ancient technologies

I honestly can’t remember what started it, but a couple of weeks ago Don brought home a couple of new CDs. Jazz CDs (peak middle-aged hipster dude?).

Then he bought new speakers.

Then he dragged out one of the boxes of CDs that we’ve been storing in the garage since we moved in – looking for a particular non-Jazz CD.

Why don’t we get them all out? I asked.

And so we did.

It took a while to find a space for them to live and they’re nowhere near the CD player**, but is nice to see them all lined up (@jamesobrien – alphabetising to follow!).

And wow, the difference in sound quality compared to streaming music is astounding. Far, far superior. I’m a huge fan of vinyl, but the CDs sound almost as good. And we’re listening to music together in ThePalace(OfLove) again, not separately through headphones which sort of happened somewhere along the way.

I’m very glad we did not dispose of them after we paid Joe/Frank to digitise them for us.

A nice unintended consequence is not having giant evil corporate entities tracking every single thing we’re listening to. Now not quite every single thing. Just most things.

Remember when the Internet used to be a place to escape from Real Life? It increasingly feels like we need Real Life to escape from the Internet.

2967 days

** actually the DVD player, we don’t have a CD player – yet.

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ten for the weekend

+ book movie tix for next weekend
+ organise crafting supplies
+ sew something! (anything!)
+ nap!
+ 2x short cardio (run or ride)
+ review that 60before60 list – mark off completed items, review what I’m not jazzed by.
+ knit 6 rows of impossible jumper
+ listen 2x music cds
+ make list of books read July-Sept
+ leave ThePalace(OfLove) – however briefly

2968 days

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need some sort of themed titles

Really gorgeous flowers spotted everywhere along the bushwalking route. I’m not at all sure how many of those are native. I did see loads of what looked like geraniums (unpictured) which are definitely not.

I don’t know that I’ve done much walking in the bush at springtime. Should rectify that – as long as I douse myself in insect repellent beforehand.

2969 days

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when you give up on a pithy (or any) title

More bushwalking pix …

How brilliant would it be to live in this bunker? All concrete and brutalist.

What the photo doesn’t show is the very steep drop off at the front – it’s perched quite high on a sandstone cliff, which I think makes it all the more appealing.


So peaceful. How good are those clouds?

I grew up at the beach and honestly, couldn’t wait to get away. I’ve always been exceptionally happy with that decision, but lately I’ve really been feeling a pull toward the ocean – I have no idea what this is about.


And where would any walk in nature be without the requisite carolbaby hiking pose?

2970 days

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prefer the longer mornings

I usually find the transition to daylight savings pretty challenging and this year is no different.

I’ve been sleeping quite badly for a while now (waking frequently, hot flushes), so another hour lost is not ideal.

Add to this the low-grade not-getting-a-cold and no surprise that I crashed on the couch after returning home from SML and mindlessly scrolled the InformationSuperhighway for a couple of hours in a sleepy fog.

I expect this to continue for the next couple of weeks, so abundant rests when I can get them and attempting to keep the minimal exercise up.

2971 days.

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and a pie for lunch

Today promised relatively nice weather, so to carpe the Public Holiday Don and I dragged ourselves to La Perouse this morning for a bit of a bushwalk around the headland.

It’s quite an interesting area – lots of bushland, sandstone cliffs, ultra-exclusive golf course, nude beach (discovered after taking wrong turn – oops) and some very cool gun emplacement ruins.

We were sensible enough to bring along a bottle of water and apply sunscreen (which we keep in the car). Unfortunately we are not sensible enough to keep insect repellent in the car and were attacked by very aggressive flies for most of the otherwise very nice and fairly easy 7km walk.

We do live in a very beautiful city.

It was lovely to get out and about and do something outside the routine. Every time we do something like this we wonder why we don’t do it more often – one of those mysterious mysteries.

2972 days

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and maybe the remainder of those action items

taking over

Spent the day reading those library books – with brief interludes for grocery shopping and lunch at our fave local sushi place.

And a much longer interlude driving around the world seeking a small table for the not-sewing room.

It’s a public holiday tomorrow and I have absolutely nothing planned save for sloth.

2973 days.

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