the most boring post ever

All #tinygoalz achieved today – well, except the one about leaving the office at lunch time.

➕ breakfasted
➕ took lunch to work
➕ cycled to and from work
➕ left before 6:30pm (5:40 – miracle!)
➕ ate dinner before 9pm (sure, it was leftovers, but I will take what I can get!)

It’s a work in progress. 

Tomorrow I’m replacing the cycling with a morning run, and possibly adding in a haircut.

Sleep would be good and a moment to think would also be pretty excellent.

It’s one of those crazy-busy cycles at SML where you just have to put one foot in front of the other and hope you come out alive on the other side.

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tiny goalz

Today, I ate breakfast, made my lunch and cycled to and from work.

What I’d also really like to accomplish this week is to leave SML before 6:30pm (10 hour day – pah!) and to eat dinner prior to 9:00pm – because both of those things are incredibly full of suck.

I need that week/s off.

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they should all be like this

I took Friday off as an Annual Leave day (so very needed!). As is becoming a thing on the rare occasion I don’t work on a Friday, I took a pilates class which I think is a very good way to remind yourself that you’re not at work.

My yoga studio has recently been taken over by new owners who acquired the lease on the property, not the actual business. The change-over came as a huge surprise to everyone (even some of the teaching staff) – one day there was an email stating “closing business, from tomorrow will be operated by NewOwners”. Fortunately NewOwners are recognising outstanding passes, which is very good of them, but only until 1 October. I’d bought a multi pass which I hadn’t used very much of – and found out on Friday that I had 25 classes left. Eeep! Slightly annoying, but at least I didn’t recently acquire a not inexpensive annual pass!

The rest of the day was not as relaxing or productive as I would have liked as I was sucked into work drama – grar.


On Saturday I thought I’d best make use of one of those outstanding 25 classes while I have the chance and headed out to yoga. Of course I did not make this easy on myself, Don had the car for golf and I was agonising about whether to ride Corey-the-bike, telling myself it was far away and scary. Honestly, my brain sometimes! The yoga studio is about half the distance to work … and on the same route. So I sucked it up amd strapped the mat to the rack and it took me 10 min to get there. I roll my eyes at myself sometimes.

It was my first yoga class for 4 1/2 years! I hadn’t realised it had been so lomg until I was lying on the mat. It was the same teacher as back then and I remembered all of his delightful and funny ways as we were working our way through the poses.

Afterward I felt pretty great! Old age must be making me more sensible as I wasn’t trying to prove how eXtreme I am or to do all the progressions – I just stuck with trying to get decent form. Look at me all grown up! I don’t know why or how, but I felt like I had a much better understanding of what my body was doing and how I was supposed to manoeuvre it.

I am really considering taking a week off at some point just to do projects (and for my mental health). I’d love to add daily yoga to that, though I daresay it would probably kill me.


Don and I headed out for ramen after he returned from golf and we meandered around Glebe markets for a while and became rather nostalgic for the old neighbourhood.

I could not restrain myself from buying (unpictured) matching kitty socks for Joan, Bessie and I because I am insane.


This morning we went out for a quick ride (I definitely need much more practice on the road bike), then a quick meal plan and grocery shop.

We were in danger of wasting the day in front of the television – already we’d snoozed through golf and cycling, so I dragged Don down to the local park to watch some local baseball.

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day and so nice to just be out of the house doing something different – extremely relaxing and meditative sitting in the winter sun eating a sausage-on-bun and people-watching. 

I need more of this kind of stuff in my life!

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50before50: #49 buy new music on average of once per month (15-21/24)

Most of the music I’ve bought recently has been the result of emails from various record companies recommending various things. I’ve set up an auto-filter so these skip the inbox and stack up in a new music folder until I get time to work my way through them.

A couple of weeks ago I had a quite daunting 58 unread emails in the folder and I decided to suck it up and smash through the list while doing some mindless end of year spreedsheet-y stuff at SML.

I found lots to love and buy (and of course some not-quite-so-much to love) – I think this set could be described as equal amounts of quite wonderful and quite wonderfully bonkers.

On with my terrible descriptions (it’s very fortunate I have no ambitions as a music writer):

#15 – Jade Imagine: What the fuck was I thinking
Gorgeous, laid-back, peaceful, Totally Oz – great sunday afternoon music.

#16 – Axxa​/​Abraxas: Axxa​/​Abraxas
Kind of pop, kind of psychedelic, kind of retro-pop-psychedelic – all in a very good way.

#17 – Good Boy: Braap | Jarrow: Cody (split 7inch)
Good Boy: Plum
Totally Oz, low-fi, garagey. All the good things!
(and they’re just babies! Jarrow is 20! ZOMG!)

#18 – Palehound: A place I’ll always go
Great and lovely album, exceptionally listenable – very American indie-pop.

#19 – Shugo Tokumaru: TOSS
So very Japanese. I really can’t adequately describe it – kind of a pop-cacophony. Wonderful!

#20 – Essendon Airport: Palimpset
Eccentric-electro-eclectic with a bit of low-fi thrown in. Kind of bonkers. Initially I was “I love it, but it’s a smidge derivative” but then read the liner notes and found it’s a re-release of an album from 1981! Mind. Blown.

#21 – The Bombay Royale: The island of Dr Electrico
This is amazing – and bonkers – and amazing! Wild amalgam of Bollywood, disco, surf, funk, pop.
Heard the title song from their (not yet released) new album on 2ser while in the car yesterday and had to buy this one (and pre-order the new one)!

Only 3 albums to go until I hit the target! I hate to preempt anything, but I feel like I have this one in the bag. There is so much good music out there when you take the time to seek it out – and be willing to wade through much that is not to your taste.

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50before50: #50 make/craft something special for each of the family (Bessie)

When I settled on this item, I envisioned carefully and lovingly crafting something tailored to the recipient – perhaps something knitted with cables or lace? perhaps I’d sew a complicated garment?

As has been the case with these things, time was getting away and I was kind of agonising (who me?) about my progress. While in the process of agonising I realised I’d pretty much covered off Bessie’s something special without intending to.

The windows in Bessie’s room go from the floor to a little above waist height, maybe chest height, so there’s a vast expanse of wall doing not a lot. Bessie loves art and has collection of artwork – lovely prints, embroideries and such. These were previously balanced on a pine plank which was balanced on the top of the vertical blind brackets.

There was a horrible patch of ectoplasm on the right which would sort of ooze when it rained. I picked at it one day and a whole bunch of damp spakfilla fell out, revealing the bricks below. We kind of liked the effect and left them untouched. I’d really love to strip back to the bricks entirely but the rest has been cement-rendered and I’m concerned the whole front wall would fall into the street if we attempted to remove it.

I’d been wanting to do something about the wall for some time, so while Don was clambering about the scaffolding in the rain, I was ensconced in Bessie’s room watching fixer upper episodes.

A bit of glossy paint, another length of wood from the garage, a couple of brackets, some white sugru, curtain rail from ikea, curtains from k-mart and for <$100 we have a brand new, much better space.

Four something specials to go!

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Things I’ve (repeatedly) forgotten to take to work when cycle commuting:

➕ bra (thank TheUniverse for the sports bra!)
➕ underwear (fortunately I wear undies under my bike tights!)
➕ SML access pass
➕ headphones
➕ suit jacket/blazer (it’s cold in the office + winter – fortunately I keep a spare jacket on my chair)

Today I forgot my cycling gloves. I wear them all the time, but only realised halfway way home that I didn’t have them – which means I rode in completely unaware that I wasn’t wearing them.

Don keeps telling me I need a checklist. I think perhaps I need just a little more focus!

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one more day to go

It’s late, I’m tired.

I’ll leave you with this article: how instagram made all places any place**. 

Well worth a read.

** via David Lebovitz’s newsletter – full of all sorts of good stuff – you should subscribe!

I love a good newsletter (especially those almost like an old skool blog), I’m a big fan of Shauna’s for example. Recommendations for others are very welcome.

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stuff in my … spam folder (4)

This is by far one of the most insane (and therefore one of the best) spam emails I’ve ever received:


The Shepherd’s Diet: Bibles First Hidden Fat LosS Secret REVEALED.


If you’re overweight and you’ve prayed to God for help, He may be answering you through this email.


Completely bonkers and utterly wonderful!

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be your own psychoanalyst!

Saturday morning’s run was down to the Cook’s River. It is such a pretty spot and has great paths for cycling, running and walking!

It’s totally get-to-able from ThePalace(OfLove) and yet I’ve avoided running there for a couple of reasons, reasons which I’ve only just now attempted to unpack:

➕ Reason 1 – because my running fitness isn’t what it was and I had this ridiculous idea that it wasn’t worth going anywhere unless I was running the whole time. Solution: don’t be an idiot and do walk/run intervals instead.

➕ Reason 2 – ridiculous subconscious notion that I should forego lengthy solo adventures and spend most of my Saturday mornings on household chores – how I arrived at this is beyond my comprehension. Solution: don’t be an idiot – chores can be done most any time.

➕ Reason 3 – ridiculous subconscious notion that I should forego lengthy solo adventures on Saturday mornings in case the children should need me. Yes, these would be the children who are now 29, 23 and 21. Solution: don’t be an idiot – the children are adults.

➕ Reason 4 – ridiculous subconscious notion that I shouldn’t do anything new or interesting without Don along. While it is true that adventures with Don are the very best kind, I shouldn’t limit myself just because he isn’t with me. Solution: don’t be an idiot – do things on your own (this will likely be the hardest to overcome, I’m a big fan of company).

And these photos show the sort of thing I miss out on if I continue to hold onto those ridiculous beliefs. Fortunately I feel like much of this can be resolved by not being an idiot.

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pictures of suburbia

Gorgeous morning for a walk/run yesterday. I challenged myself to a new route – well not entirely new – we’ve cycled that part of the greenway before, but first time I’ve run there.

My beautiful new app is completely terrible to run with – must be in the foreground, which is a little problematic for music, photos, sleep mode. I quickly gave up and just freestyled. I didn’t use the garmin or a tracking app, but I’d say maybe 10-11km in total. There was probably a fair bit more walking than running – I’m afraid that this is what I’ve now become! But hey at least I’m getting out.

All was wonderful until about 1km from home when I encountered a partially closed footpath and a dickhead in a high-viz vest controlling access. Complicated and boring story, but upshot was me wanting to move to a safe spot to cross the very busy major road (nowhere near the footpath works) and high-viz dickhead not allowing me to – by physically intimidating and then insulting me. And me an old lady – an old lady who used extremely unladylike language to tell him just what I thought of him.

Humanity – argh! I need some loving kindess meditation – stat!

Anyway on with the first of the pix. Look at that sky! Just wonderful!

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