ignore the water spots

I’ve been longing for an anti-fatigue mat for ages** (at least 6 years), but really couldn’t get Don on board – and we have a pact to agree what comes into ThePalace(OfLove).

Last weekend he finally succumbed and my dreams were at last realised!

I have yet to spend hours standing in the kitchen cooking, but I already adore it. Standing on the wee bumps is like having a foot-massage. Okay, maybe not anything like having a foot massage. I do find it very relaxing and I’ll often stand and quietly bounce up and down or walk about a bit.


** goodness the light was much better for photographs in the old haus.

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stuff in my … spam folder


I always wanted to tell you that the cloths you wear do not look that good on you. Please be more classy! It is for your well-being.

Just an advice from a friend.

Thanks for the fashion advice Casey! I clearly need to lift my cloths game.

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reading 2017: part april | part june

This is again one of those times where I really wish I had recorded my impressions when I completed a book!

A little (okay, a lot) less reading in this period. And one of those times where I haven’t been entirely satisfied with what is on offer. No internet, no reading, no instagram – I have no actual idea what I have been doing with my time!

Charlotte Abrahams: Hygge – A Celebration of Simple Pleasures
Not a huge fan of this. I found the author a little complain-y and slightly bitter. She was very sneery and dismissive of self-improvement, which is (as we know) one of my favourite things, so we were never really get on. I think I’m totally maxed out with this genre.

Nancy Mitford: Love in a Cold Climate
Shockingly, I’d never actually read any Mitford before. This was one of those spontaneous bargain buys from September 2011. Of course I liked it.

Nancy Mitford: The Pursuit of Love
I daresay I should have read this before Love in a Cold Climate. Of course I liked this too.

Anthony Berkeley: The Poisoned Chocolates Case
Classic golden age. Featured 2x alternative endings by other (recent) authors – ridiculous and unnecessary.

Kathleen Tessaro: Elegance
I’d read this years and years ago (yikes 2004!). Comfort reading. Total fluff. I was comforted.

John Safran: Murder in Mississippi
I’ve long been a bit conflicted by John Safran – he can tend toward the precocious and bratty, but he does some really very good things. This took a while to get through (couple of pages each night before bed), but I enjoyed it.

Joanna and Chip Gaines: The Magnolia Story
And in totally shameful reading …
What can I say, I’ve been binge-watching fixer-upper.

I’ve also read a bunch of samples, but nothing has really grabbed me. I have no idea what I am in the mood for reading, but I have yet to find it.

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to send me to the poor haus

Current shopping list:

➕ 2x pairs flats for work (to replace current very tatty, unprofessional pairs)
➕ 3x dresses for work (to replace sad, unprofessional, faded dresses)
➕ proper cycling shoes for the road bike (to make me go faster)
➕ new handbag (my beloved bag is really beyond all help)

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Totally rock and roll weekend planned, including:

➕ Tidying, tidying, tidying
➕ Meal planning
➕ Grocery shopping
➕ Wall painting
➕ Hand washing
➕ Mending

Not sure if I can handle the excitement.

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and don’t sneeze 

bin chicken 

I’ve done something to my right shoulder blade/ribs that is causing not inconsiderable pain and discomfort. Currently taking pain killers and applying heat packs which takes the edge off a little.

This also means I’m not riding my bike to work which makes me rather grumpish.

Here’s hoping for recovery for the weekend. I have no real plans but being pain-free would be a bonus!

This old-age caper can really be quite tiresome.

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50before50: #12 no more drinking alcohol (month 7)

shiny new counting app

7 months today – woo!

I’ve had the occasional struggle this month – mostly trying to convince myself that a glass or two of wine wouldn’t hurt – but honestly going down that path really would. 

I lunched with a couple of recruiters on Friday (no, not looking for a new gig) at a very, very nice restaurant where the expensive wine was flowing feeely. I stuck to delicious virgin mojitos and was very happy (particularly happy there were non-alcoholic options!). I do really find socialising sans booze quite difficult and as a consequence try to avoid occasions where I’m compelled to talk to people I don’t know well.

But I’ve powered on through and clocked up another month!

Next challenge: upcoming trip to Melbourne – good food, good wine (all the temptations!).

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