a year of projects: 2017

I’m going to have a crack at an over-arching theme for the year and that theme is: perfect is the enemy of good.

I don’t think it is a surprise to anyone that I am really hard on myself about all manner of things and I am a bit (okay, a lot) of a perfectionist. I’ll often put stuff off because I know it won’t be produced to a high standard or I don’t try new things because I know I’ll never be good at them. I have overcome this a bit with running and biking – I’ll never be great, but I find both really fun. I need to get it fixed in my head that sometimes getting things done to an okay standard is fine! Really! Sometimes I’m not going to be good at stuff and that’s okay! Really!

On with the actual list:

  1. complete the 50before50 list
    (yikes!) I’ll really need to embrace the 2017 theme for to achieve this!

  2. stop reading rubbish on the InformationSuperHighway.
    I’ve stopped reading all news entirely (really) since November 2016. I realise this is somewhat controversial, and I am quite conflicted about the head in the sand approach, but my mental health and sanity are significantly improved as a result.

  3. comment more on the blogs I love. support the creators I love.
    I’m already supporting the real talk radio podcast, the virtual memories podcast and the mcmansion hell blog via patreon and kottke on whatever the thing is he uses. And I generally kick wikipedia a couple of $ when they’re having a supporter drive. I want to do more of this in 2017.

  4. complete Palace-ly chores (and grocery shopping) during the week to free-up weekends for fun/projects
    I am convinced this can be done. Surely I just need to apply my m4d scheduling sk1llz to the task?

  5. exercise daily – can be anything as long as it is something
    Already I’m a little behind with this because of my cold. Taking a pass when unwell is totally acceptable.

  6. journal daily
    As above. Continuing this for 2017.

  7. stop comparing myself to others
    Because that way madness lies. Yeah – this is a pretty big one.

There are probably another 60 things I could add, but I think the sub theme for the year should really be don’t try to do All The Things.