now about those projects

there’ll be a lot more of this in my future

I agonised about it for a good while and … withdrew from my advanced manageressing course.

Holy!Goodness! The Relief! I really hadn’t quite realised how much letting this fester has been in the back of my mind, guilting me for well over a year (okay, probably more along the lines of two years).

A good lesson to rip the band-aid off / make the hard decisions on these things rather than ignore them. I should do it more often – nothing at all wrong with admitting something is just not for you.

So I’ve replaced #46 on the 50before50 list with watch those important/classic films which have passed me by – one every 6 weeks? (that makes 16). It occurred to me while watching Kill Bill 2 for the first time on Friday night that there are a good many many films I haven’t seen that I really probably should. I’m slowly compiling my list of 16.

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November 18, 2015 10:10 AM

Well done for making the decision. Are you going to list your 16 films?