I mentioned on Sunday that my magical, excellent garmin is being less than magical or excellent right now. Dies completely without warning in the middle of a short run and comes to life when I arrive home. Frustrating! I have tried all manner of fixes, but nothing seems to do the trick.

This morning it died again – just after my fastest km. I now have a customer support request in. This is especially frustrating as this is my warranty replacement – and I’m now out of warranty. I really <3 this thing – shame it is so shoddy.

While I am waiting for a response, I downloaded my ye olde running app to see me through. Naturally I was forced to buy a tiny containment device to … contain … the phone when I run. And then as I was in the sports store already and had the remains of a gift voucher, I was forced to buy some new running pants – my summer ones requiring hoicking up every couple of metres.

And woo! Size XS!

I am very, very excited by this development. Definitely keeps the motivation up for cheerfully continuing with 5:2 (even though I’d kill for a cake right now)!


In other tangentially pants-related news, I busted out a brand-new pair of “skin” coloured stockings/tights/pantyhose (whatever you call them where you are) and they laddered before I even had both legs in. There was no snagging on anything, they just tore. They lasted even less than the hour I predicted.

What the hell is this? I can’t believe I paid $18.95 for something I did not even get to wear – stupidly thinking that paying more would get me good quality. It is definitely back to Uniqlo’s violently bright tights for me!

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