so yeah, i had that glass of wine

new book

Things were pretty dire on the projectlette front yesterday. The weather was miserable, so no park for me. No reading either as I chose to go forth and purchase “skin” coloured *gasp* pantyhose/tights at lunch. I can’t even remember the last time I wore such things, though I regularly wear the thick opaque colourful versions. It remains to be seen if 1. they last more than 1 hour without laddering, and 2. they last more than 1 hour without ever-so-slowly falling down and bagging around my ankles. All part of my ramp up the professionalism project. I think I’m getting a little too elderly to be rocking bare, pasty, wobbly knees.

I do have a new book which I’m part way through. Can’t say I was a huge fan of the Micheal Connelly – all felt a bit rushed and kind of not well resolved. It was certainly no Clive Cussler, who I consider the one true master of silly action novels. But hey, it only cost me AU$0.99 on a kindle deal, I’m not sure I’d read more. Though if you have a better Harry Bosch to recommend, I’ll give it a crack.

No brekkie. Nor was there any blogging.

Yay! for token photos and my morning and evening 2x 30second planks (which I’m doing on elbows because I’m not quite ready for proper ones).

One of my very long time colleagues (who I do quite a bit of work for) ran into me in the corridor and remarked how fabulous I looked and that he’d noticed that for the last six months or so I’d been glowing with good health (these Irish, such charmers). I narrowed my eyes and asked him what he wanted. He laughed and said he wanted my health and fabulousness secrets. I told him I didn’t think he’d care for them a great deal, what with the no booze and fasting.


NewKitty: help desk

NewKitty does things to my computer

I think I’m doing a little better today. A couple of photos, lots and lots of blogging (a couple of posts stacked up), breakfast! (raisin toast ftw!), 2x 30second planks in the am (the evening and rest of the weekend is off the table). No park and no reading (yet).

I’m still feeling a little unsettled about my evil ex-spot and my arm hurts like the proverbial.

I’m of the view that these health scares should be used productively and as some kind of Lesson, so I’m planning to revist my 50 before 50 list and see if I can make myself add another 24 things to the list. Only 766 days to go!

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