where it is once again reinforced that one should not cut corners

Previously, on hat 782346 … I’d decided to try the baby hat pattern as written (child size).

All chugging along nicely, though I’m finding it quite a challenge to cable with such thick wool and tiny needles. The resulting fabric is incredibly dense – like chainmaille.

I put the hat down almost two weeks ago and picked it up again yesterday. And oops! A lesson I should have learned by now – note down exactly where you are up to on a pattern. Even if it is a simple pattern and you think it will be really easy to figure out – it won’t be.

I guessed and, of course, got it totally wrong, so had to unravel a couple of rows. GAH!1.

But being an ill wind and all that, I took the opportunity to try it on my head while off the needles and …


This wool does not take at all kindly to much unravelling, so I’m hopeful I’m not going to make too many more errors. The next challenge will be trying to work out where exactly to start the crown shaping.

A very good activity for my enforced weekend rest.

1 and ARGH! looking at the photo I’m pretty sure there is still an error in there. Cue more unravelling.


<edited to add> so after unravelling a few rows to correct the dodgy incorrect cross-over, I picked up all the stitches, knit a couple of rows and realised I still had two remaining dodgy cables. ARGH!

I couldn’t bear unravelling the whole thing again, and I didn’t think the wool would like it at all, so I unravelled just the cable section and corrected the cross-over with a crochet hook.

dodgy cable

After I had completed the first, I consulted the pattern and … realised I had been knitting the whole thing completely incorrectly. There are supposed to be 3 knit rows between each cable row. I’ve only been doing 1! No wonder it was so hard on my fingers.

So funny! I really like the look of the tight cables, but I am going to unravel (hopefully for the last time!) and knit it per the pattern.

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