adventures in knitted hat patterns: version 782346

My first attempt at converting the baby hat pattern to fit my larger-than-baby-sized head involved going up two full needle sizes.

Hilarity ensued.

I fully expected that this would be far too small and I’d need to add in at least one pattern repeat on the second attempt. Hah! I can fit my head and two fists inside the band.

My revised second attempt is knitting with the needle sizes per the pattern.

So far this looks quite a bit better – which is a relief as the wool is not taking kindly to all of this unravelling and re-knitting.

The pattern calls for a 1 inch band. I’ve gone for 1 3/4 – mainly because I have a bit of trouble gauging archaic measurements by eye and knitted a bit beyond where I should have. Plus, not being a child, I probably need a bit of a longer band.

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