a little less momentum

Yesterday was glorious and reading the park was wonderful. I’m finding actually having a break instead of sitting at my desk or racing around shops to be a bit of a revelation. How much nicer the rest of the afternoon is! How magically less stupid and annoying my colleagues are!

I really do need to get myself something to sit / lay on because it does not do to return covered in twigs and leaves.

Alas, I did not eat breakfast because I really wasn’t hungry (possibly a little too much snacking the previous evening).

I took photos (above) – hurrah!

But I did not blog – mostly because I was occupied wrapping up painting the trim in Bessie’s room and chatting to AdventureJoan.

Interesting, isn’t it (well maybe only to me), that four simple daily action items are really quite difficult to sustain over more than a week?

I don’t quite know what this means, but I intend to try to keep going for a while longer and monitor the results – though perhaps I’ll wait just a smidge longer to add a fifth item.


Today was rainy and miserable, so there was no sitting in the park, nor did i read my book (I shopped for a new vegetable peeler, small whisk and a butter dish instead). No breakfast because it was a fast day.

I did take one photo on the way to SML.

I’m such a fan of hearts on the ground (of which there are a surprisingly high number), much less a fan of the soda.

And hey, a blog post.

2 thoughts on “a little less momentum

    • Oh dear. And I didn’t even realised I’d done it.

      I am not sure I have even heard Don say soda out of the context of soda water. Perhaps I’m consuming too much USian media.

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