mr chekov?

Despite my best intentions, today was a bit of a disaster as far as the projectettes. I used my lunch break to trek about looking at rice cookers because ours is on the verge of needing replacement. Wasted journey because everything was either too big or too complicated. I don’t think my rice cooker needs an IP address – and I’m only slightly kidding.

This failed quest meant that I didn’t get to sit in the park or read. On the way back to the office I was standing waiting for my lunch order, pulled out my kindle and %+#($+%+%(#:

He had a rather dead screen. Despite dropping him several thousand times without issue, today I was evangelising him to Vincenzo and displaying his lightweightedness – when he slipped out of my hand and crashed pretty spectacularly on my desk. It didn’t seem as though he was broken, but it must have taken a while to take hold. I know this is absolutely not fixable.

Very sad.

It is just a few days short of 5 years together and what an excellent 5 years! I think I have read about 200x the books I would have pre-kindley. He survived countless drops, a lengthy bath in Palmers body oil and all manner of other indignities. He was a brilliant travelling companion. Truly the best bit of tech I’ve ever owned.

There was nothing for it but to quickly replace him. Fortunately kindles are available at dick smith physical stores and fortunately Woolworths divested themselves of the dick smith chain a while back or I would have had a bit of a moral dilemma about purchasing.

So I walked down and grabbed myself a sparkly new kindle voyage (cue whinge about it costing substantially more in Australia). I figured I’d get the best one because I’m definitely going to get a huge amount use from it.

And wow! Incredibly light and a super crisp screen. No more buttons! It is like I am in the future! I had my books loaded in less than 5 minutes and it even remembered my bookmarks.

In other projectette news, I did not eat breakfast – ever since Don pointed out how much sugar is in my cereal I’ve been a bit turned off it.

But I did take photos of kindles and I did blog.

And a shiny new device, so not a complete loss!

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