not napping, reading

fuzzy new space-kindle in foreground

I got out to the park today and laid about with the new kindle. It was such a nice day, really this is a wonderful activity – you should totally get on it.

Yesterday on my fruitless quest for a rice cooker, I grabbed a pashmina at the $2 shop (though it cost me $7) for sitting / laying on – which would have been a good investment until I realised that I already had one in my desk drawer. Nonetheless it protected me from the dampish, leafy, twiggy ground.

No brekkie because it is a fast day

Photos taken – though possibly I should diverge from the feet and the trees.

Blog blogged.

Now that is more like a high-achieving go-getter style day.

And I finally completed the golden age of murder! In no good conscience can I recommend it, but there are a number of books and authors referenced who I am keen to follow up on. So possibly worth the pain (and eye rolling) as I would be unlikely to know of them otherwise. Hopefully I can now return to losing myself in a good book.

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