and sleepy

Yes reading! Yes park! I’ve just started reading Rabbit Back Literature Society and am 18% in. I’m undecided, but it is definitely a pleasing change from my previous reading material.

No to breakfast – this one is clearly a problem for me. I’ll source some new muesli that is not full of sugar in the next shopping expedition.

Yes to ever-so-slight-variations on photographs. Yes to ever-so-slight-variations on blog posts.


This weekend will see more painting – we’re finally taking a deep breath and covering up the water damage on the big (4 storey) wall. This will involve stain block (stinky and oil-based), two coats of paint and lots of cutting in around stairs.

I suspect this might take more than a single weekend because there are other things to be done – like (ugh!) shopping lists and grocery shopping.

At the moment, while Don and Joe/Frank are watching more Narcos, I am all quiet up in my little nest at the top of the stairs, tooling about on the InformationSuperhighway, writing up a brain-dump of work actions for next week (dismal exercise for a Friday evening, but Future Me will be very pleased), reading a bit here and there, trying to come up with the meal plan for next week and a dozen other little bits and pieces.

I would be entirely more productive if I focussed on one activity at a time rather than flitting between each – though really for maximum juggling effect I really should have brought my knitting and the ironing up.

Attention is something else to work on – this hopping from one thing to another only serves to exhaust me. Though maybe I was already exhausted and that led to my inability to concentrate. Either way I’d be keen to be a little less like, as my MaidenAunt would say, a flibberty gibbet.

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