shoddy knows no price

I’m sure you are as shocked as I am that I have produced photos from my camera and not of the park or my feet!

I did not visit a park, nor have I read yet. I did run my usual 3km Saturday morning route. I do really need to give self a good shake and mix it up. But very pleased to report no side-of-knee pain (there had been a couple of twinges the last couple of times, so I’m not pushing it too hard) – hurrah!


A couple of weeks ago I bought an insanely expensive j-brand t-shirt. I’m not remotely exaggerating about the insanely expensive, it was *gasp* $83.30 – down from $159 (I think).

I grabbed it to try on with something else and I was completely mad for it – butter soft and looked amazing on. So madness overtook me and I talked myself into buying it. Believe me when I say that this is more than double what I have paid for a t-shirt ever.

I wore it once and I looked and felt terrific. I felt like a very short, elderly super-model. Such was the magic of this garment.

It had been sitting neatly folded waiting for me to find time to cold hand-wash it. Because you’d better believe I’m going to follow the care instructions when I’ve lost my mind and paid *gasp* $83.30 for a t-shirt. A *gasp* $83.30 t-shirt with complicated and time consuming care instructions (but I looked so good!).

So I lovingly cold hand-washed it. When I was laying it out to flat dry it on a towel (of course), I lined the should seams up, but couldn’t line up the side-seams. When I lined up the side seams, the shoulders and neck became all askew.

No matter what I did, I could not get a straight garment. The ruler below shows where the back seam should be, the pink line to the right shows the actual seam, the pink line to the left shows the side seam.

Of course I grabbed a protractor to check the angle (15 degrees).

If you’re a sewist (or maybe if you aren’t), you’ll know the cause of this – the pattern had not been cut properly on the grain of the fabric – and so the garment twists as soon as it is washed. The bubbling on the hem is another indication of this. You often find this with very cheap t-shirts. You would certainly not expect to see this on a *gasp* $83.30 t-shirt.

So I called David Jones to enquire whether I’d be able to return it. It took 5 attempts to get me to the right area, but they said to bring it in and they’d assess it. So no refusal outright. We’ll see how it goes – but clearly the garment is faulty and fortunately I have my receipt.

I’m a little worried (these things can be difficult), but hopeful for a painless return experience. I really don’t want to have to boycott another store. Particularly that store. I love that store and spend a small fortune (hmmm … obviously) there.

Nonetheless a very good lesson in not succumbing to stupidity in the face of pretty garments.

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