post pre-prep

This morning during the pre-prep phase I read an excellent article about the (rather unhinged) reaction when Celeste Ng tweeted that she’d rather teachers not set contacting her for quotations as assessment tasks. Which is an entirely reasonable attitude to have – what the hell, teachers? how about thousands of people contact you for quotes?

Anyway I thought (as I do): that book looks like it might be worth reading, I’ll add this to the ever-growing stack of un-read stuff on my kindle.

Before I snapped it up, I thought I’d do a bit of a price comparison across the various amazon sites. And verily: = US$12.32 (AU$16.80) = £1.49 (AU$3.11) = CDN$ 13.99 (AU$14.73) = NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION

Rather a disparity, shall we say?

Also, screw you Australian publishers, are we not permitted access to read anything? This “not available in your region” happens way too frequently with all sorts of digital media. I’d love the opportunity to line your pockets with my money, why won’t you let me?

So for the moment, kindle-y has gone to … ermm … live in Surrey.

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