make that 44

Things I am definitely unlikely to complete in the next 41 days:

2. run a total of 700km
I made it to around 300km, but haven’t run regularly for some time and while I miss it dreadfully, I’m a little underwhelmed at having to get way back to basics and go slowly so I don’t break myself. 

18. Do the splits | 19. Do a back arch
Both are really at odds with 24. Reduce frequency of sports injuries. Honestly, I should have been working toward these daily for the last 2 years! I’m further from the splits now than I was when I set this and I feel like that back arch is just asking for trouble.

21. eat no meat for a week
Carrying forward to my next set of projects – requires a fair bit of planning for this to be successful and I don’t actually have the mental energy right now (nor have I ever). May need reworking to something more achievable.

38. make something from resin
Also carrying this one forward. Definitely want to do it – need to source a class. The classes I did find conflicted with other things, but I will make this work.

42. Enter Sydney to Gong bike ride
Strictly speaking I entered this, but I withdrew today. I am nowhere near ready for that distance (and those hills!) and I’m pleased that I was not bloody-minded enough to push through despite better judgement. See also #24.

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