the new “curated”?

From the captions on this post on the otherwise excellent design files:

➕ Original Danish wall sconces and rattan stools were sourced privately by Tanya

➕ Original 60s Danish sconce lights purchased privately off Ebay and rewired by Peter

➕ And the chairs were sourced privately by Tanya and Peter

➕ And the wire chair, vintage speakers and Danish sideboard were all sourced privately

I’m totally adopting this phrase into the lexicon – “behold this delicious sandwich which I sourced privately“. “yes, these are great socks – they were sourced privately.

12 thoughts on “the new “curated”?

    • also, I have found that blog notoriously thin skinned to criticism and much as I love the content and some of the discoveries along the way, I have a bad taste in my mouth about their breathless spruiking of Belle Gibson before her fall from grace. I notice that content just disappeared without a word of an apology for being one of her enablers.

      • Oh yuck! I totally missed the Belle Gibson thing. I really only started reading there after you bought your Leila Jeffreys.

        I find quite a lot of the breathless spruiking on there pretty off putting.

    • I have just the space for a mid century sideboard, but anything vintage is ludicrously expensive here. I keep seeing bargain
      sideboards on eBay and discovering they are located in Melbourne which seems to be the home of cheap retro furniture.

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