rarely regret doing this

Thoughtful Bessie bought us gift vouchers to the Belvoir Street Theatre for Christmas last year and time was running out for us to use them up!

We chose Ghosts knowing absolutely nothing about it, mostly because the timing was right and being philistines that we are, neither of us has seen any Ibsen and thought we should probably remedy that!

We made a date of it headed out for a pretty early and leisurely dinner. We were in the mood for Japanese – and reminisced about our lovely holiday last year and did some tentative planning for our return trip in 2018.

Then we dashed through the rain (to be fair it was more like drizzle) to the theatre.

ubiquitous pre-curtain shot

Wonderful play – the production was great, the entire cast was fabulous, but Pamela Rabe was just brilliant – you should totally go see it if you’re around.

We’ve been debating whether or not to get subscriptions for 2018, for either the Belvoir or STC. I suspect we’re not quite ready for that level of commitment!

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