103 days of lockdown today.

I’m at the stage of lockdown where after receiving a marketing email, I email a skincare brand** to express my “dismay and confusion” at their choice of brand ambassador.

Does the world really need another skinny, blonde, fake-tanned, botoxed, scandal-plagued influencer WAG pimping products on the socials? I would argue that it does not.

I suggested they could do better, and that I would welcome more diversity.

They sent a quite nice response, which was surprising. Naturally I don’t expect my objection to make one bit of difference, but I think it is important to speak out.

I’m keen to lean more into this bonkers-old-lady letter writing.

Thankfully some of the current restrictions will ease at 70% fully vaccinated, which is forecast for 11 October. I’m very much looking forward to not having to wear a mask outdoors.

A colleague of a similar age noted that the current lockdown was quite like returning to our childhoods of the 70s and 80s. Overseas travel was utterly exotic and almost impossible. You rarely left your local area. Life was much simpler, days were unstructured and kind of rolled into each other. One was often bored.

I think generally around the place there’s been a vibe of embracing slower-living and accepting what is. And a whole lot of looking to do things differently when we get out?

I certainly feel that way. I’m very keen to move from endlessly dithering about maybe doing things to actually doing them. Less of the plans for plans and more of the “just eat at that restaurant, see the play, visit the gallery”.

Unfortunately I’m fairly confident that as it was after last lockdown, we’ll very forget those very good intentions and quickly return to the hustle and grind and that relentless consumerism.

But I really hope not.

** L’Occitane Australia

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