60before60: #53 play tennis with don

There was a tennis court practically outside our front door in Hua Hin. If we were ever going to do this challenge, there was never going to be a better time.

We hired equipment for <$5 (which they delivered along with icy cold water, towels, the works!), I borrowed Don’s swim shorts and a golf cap, and we were good to go!

I played a fair bit of tennis as a child**, but if you’d been watching us, you’d have quite some difficulty believing either of us had ever picked up a racket before. We were so dreadful it was comical.

We improved (somewhat) as time went on, but after our hour I still could not hit anything that came in over shoulder height and Don was still prone to forceful returns that sailed way over the fence and into the jungle.

We had loads of fun though and will likely try to get another game in on future vacations. But I’m not likely to run off and join a regular comp any time soon.

One very pleasing observation was that despite it being very hot and us running around like crazy trying to return wild shots, we were not at all out of breath – which I guess says something good about our cardio fitness.


** we lived quite close to the public courts and would go hit balls about if we were bored, or play tennis is the street with the neighbours

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