60before60: #25 have my first mammogram

I didn’t actually have any concerns that prompted me to get a mammogram, but I really do try to be proactive about my health and it’s recommended that you get one once you hit my age. Breast Screen NSW offers free mammograms to anyone over 50 (my tax dollars at work!) – so I scheduled one in pretty much as soon as we returned from the birthday getaway.

There are places to have this done pretty much everywhere (mostly hospitals, mobile vans and such) and the place I chose was very conveniently located within David Jones – so I took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping while I was at it.

I arrived on time, filled in the usual forms and such, and didn’t really have to wait very long until it was time to get my top off and be manhandled into a big machine.

I totally expected the crushing of the boobs and was absolutely mentally prepared for that. What I wasn’t prepared for being wedged so tightly into the machine that the plates that the skin on my chest got involved – ouch!

The rib-cage | chest-squishing left a bit of a mark for a while:

such a delicate petal

I was pretty sore and swollen for the next two days (it was as though I’d gone up a cup size!) – but otherwise all good!

I’ll get the results in two weeks and then it is back in 2019 for another squishing!

2 thoughts on “60before60: #25 have my first mammogram

    • Definitely! I mentioned this exact thing to the technician and she disagreed with me because apparently squashing is the optimal thing. To be honest I’m kind of skeptical about that.

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