60before60: 2022 status updates

january 15 08:12pm

I’ve not been stellar with updating the 60 list consistently when items have been completed, so while I was reviewing it seemed a good time for a status update – and an visual overhaul because it was looking a little hideous.

I’ve now completed 14/60, or roughly 23% of the items on the list. I’m rather astonished it is that many – given how disengaged I’ve been with pretty much everything in last two years of pandemic times!

I feel quite motivated to tackle some more. I’m trying to change my relationship with work this year and I think it will help to keep the list top of mind!

07. Make something from clay (50)
It took a long while to get there, but I finally stopped putting obstacles in my own way!

+ first class 1
+ first class 2
+ second class – hmmm, I wonder if that 4th small bowl is still there?

I also faced my fears (and terror) and completed 3 lessons (throw, trim, glaze) on the wheel at the pottery shed** in Surry Hills in December and January.

I’d originally booked these for July, but then lockdown happened and many, many months passed. The studio is wonderful and welcoming and everyone is delightful. As with most creative endeavours I have even more intense admiration for the professionals after I’ve had a crack! My small wobbly bowls should be ready to collect at the end of next week.

After the 3rd lesson, I grabbed a 10 session pass – these sessions are mostly self-directed, but lots of friendly help on hand to give advice. My plan is to take time off work and visit on weekdays.

I’m also considering signing up for slip casting in June.

I’m never going to be great at this, but I’m really enjoying the learning!

** neighbours to the most excellent James O’Brien, which is where I first became aware of it

26. Grow my hair long(ish) one last time
I’m currently resembling Rapunzel, so I think we can consider this one complete.

+ 12 months
+ 22 months
+ 48 months

I have no intentions to go short again, but definitely need a trim.

42. no fast fashion in 2020
This morphed into “buy no new clothes for a year”, but wasn’t updated on the list.

I did it, and I learned that I definitely had sufficient clothing, but almost 2 years later still have major regrets about not buying that gorgeous blue COS jumpsuit at day 81.

+ day 2
+ day 40
+ day 62
+ day 81
+ day 200

What I really learned that setting myself challenges to deprive myself are actually more a sign of much deeper issues that I would benefit from dealing with!

47. Record all personal spending for a year
This was actually pretty useful on a number of levels. Excellent for tracking down oddly described bank transactions in the joint account. Also comforting to see that I wasn’t spending with too much wild abandon.

I kept it up for 14 months until I ran out pages in the excellent small journal I used.

The key to success (as with most things) was reducing friction – going analogue, having a good routine for recording, and somewhere with nice paper and a good layout to physically write it all up.

Am considering starting again, just for the sheer usefulness of it. Need to track down a similar small book.

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