60before60: #26 grow my hair long(ish) one last time (22 month update)

I had my hair cut very short in June 2011 and I adored it for many years! So simple and easy and cute!

Alas, what was kicky and sporty in my mid-40s started to become kind of ageing in my late-40s and I really felt like I needed a change.

nov 2017

At the year one update, I could squeeze it into a tiny bun.

At the almost year-two update I can squeeze it into a larger, messier bun – which is pretty much how I wear it day to day. It is absolutely dead-straight, somewhat ratty and rather in need of attention – a trim, a style, a something. I haven’t had it cut for two years, save for some trimming of the back in the early days of growing out.

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago after pulling it from the usual bun because I was delighted by the bounce – which lasted about 20 minutes before it was straighter than straight again.

i wish for this much volume!

The length is having the desired effect though, even Joe/Frank (never one to notice such things) commented that I look younger with hair.

I think this is the longest it has been for around 17 years – even before I went super-short it usually didn’t reach my shoulders. Before that, I think I might have been pregnant with Joan?

Onward to year 3!

Then perhaps a review.

2998 days.

2 thoughts on “60before60: #26 grow my hair long(ish) one last time (22 month update)

  1. Yes to long hair in old age! I know of an incredibly elegant woman in her eighties who’s a choreographer and has looooooong grey hair. It looks wonderful. I am aiming to become a long-haired old lady, despite the efforts of my former hairdresser to thwart that ambition. My new hairdresser gets it. She has dark green hair and customises her own flares, so she understands the need for self-expression!

    • For the longest time I had visions of myself with super-super-short white hair as an older lady – wearing drapey garments and interesting chunky jewellery.

      I don’t know what changed in recent times, but I’m more inclined toward the long unruly grey hair, jeans, sneakers and quirky t-shirts. That grey is taking it’s sweet time getting here though.

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