169/2020 (no new clothes: day 200)

200 days! Woo!

Despite (or because of) the very changed circumstances and move to indoor lyf, I have continued to resist the siren song of new clothing.

Sure I could really do with a nice warm hoodie or toasty cardigan, but I think I’m happy to power through another 166 days!

I’ve you’ve been reading along you know, you’ll know I’ve filled some of the loungewear wardrobe void with a couple of garments I’ve made myself.

✚ I really love these bright red pants. The crotch is a wee bit too deep, but the red makes me so happy!

✚ I am not feeling these pastel stripey pants. They’re way too much like pyjamas for wearing in the day – there is apparently a line between lounge and pyjama that I am not keen to cross.

✚ I chopped about 15cm off the elastic of toile fro Don’s pants and ADORE them. I should probably make a pair for myself in something other than an old sheet.

In horrifying (at least to me) news, I think I could be tiring of lounge pants during the day and may move a rung up the discomfort ladder to jeans on some days.

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