the second

The fabric for my second pair of loungey pants also came from that stash of flannelette originally intended to become cosy quilts for the babies.

I used the same pattern as the red pants, but shortened the crotch length quite a bit – still nowhere as short as the pattern, which assumes the top of your pants should hover somewhere around your pubic bone. I also added the same fat waistband, and huge pockets because neither waistband or pockets (giant or otherwise) were in the original pattern.

I only had 2m of striped fabric which didn’t give me enough for my beloved pockets. Fortunately hoarding came to my rescue once again! I found a pair of Joan’s old pyjama pants in the rag bag which were absolutely perfect. I’m so pleased that can’t stop looking at them and forcing Don to admire them.

seriously – how good are these pockets?

i need more cutsey labels

Bad wearing-garment photos ahoy!

I don’t know how the sewing bloggers do it. It took ages to get even these mediocre ones.

Notes: I’m not huge on the look of the waistband. I love the height of it, but not so jazzed by the gathers the thick flannel makes. Otherwise they are incredibly warm and comfortable and I love them. I don’t usually wear striped pastel garments, but these are cheerful and not likely to ever leave ThePalace(OfLove).

Next pair: I want to take the legs wider so I can incorporate more pleats.

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