no new clothes: day two

I’ve been ruminating over my wardrobe since my declaration earlier in the week that I didn’t need any new clothes – and then going out and buying several more garments that same day.

I have been recently considering a clothes buying ban because I sensed I probably had enough garments to last me for a while. I figured I could make do with what I have for a year – I tend to take reasonable care of my clothes, most are decent quality and I’m a big fan of mending.

So I decided I’d take an inventory of everything and honestly – having done that I’m kind of speechless. How did I accumulate so very many things?

This is after a relatively recent wardrobe culling of more formal work-wear and garments that just didn’t fit well or were unflattering. I’m very very fortunate that SML now encourages us to dress casual – jeans are perfectly acceptable. This is absolutely a wonderful thing, but means I now have many pairs of jeans.

There is not much in this accounting that I don’t wear reasonably regularly (except maybe the mangy t-shirts and the cossies).

So ummm yeah – I think this will keep me going for a year (at least).

So on with that quite embarrassing list! I think I’ve covered everything (oh wait … adds cycling clothes)

garments worn outside ThePalace(OfLove)
+ pants = 10
+ jeans = 10
+ skirts = 7
+ dresses = 18!
+ jumpsuits = 2
+ long cardigans = 3
+ fitted cardigans = 3
+ work-type jumpers = 9
+ fitted shell tops = 5
+ work shirts = 5
+ camis / singlets = 14
+ linen button-up shirts = 2
+ t-shirts with slogans = 4
+ fancier work t-shirts = 12
+ v-necked t-shirts = 3
+ long-sleeved t-shirts = 3
+ overalls = 3
+ linen shorts = 2
+ hiking shorts = 2
+ hoody = 1
+ cossie cover-up = 1

+ blazers = 5
+ denim jackets = 2
+ winter coats = 2
+ raincoat = 1
+ haori = 1

mangy garments never to be worn outside ThePalace(OfLove)
+ mangy t-shirts = 8
+ mangy camis = 6
+ haus shorts = 2
+ trakkie pants = 2
+ sloppy joes = 7
+ non-slip socks = 3

underwear and such
+ bras = 14
+ exercise bras = 2
+ undies = 45(!)
+ socks = 40

exercise wear
+ singlets = 5
+ crop top = 1
+ knee length leggings = 3
+ ankle length leggings = 1
+ padded bike shorts = 2
+ cycling jerseys = 2
+ cossies = 2

+ crocs = 3
+ wellies = 1
+ uggs = 1
+ brogues = 2
+ sandals = 1
+ moccasins = 1
+ hiking boots = 1
+ runners = 3
+ sneakers = 7
+ ankle boots = 4

Exceptions to the no buying for a year:
+ I can of course make myself clothes – though why would I need to make anything when I have all of these clothes?
+ I can buy clothes for other people
+ I can buy clothes overseas – I adore the memories these bring


2918-2917 days

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2 Responses to no new clothes: day two

  1. I probably have you beat but I’m not going to count (too embarrassing in this era of minimalism and capsule wardrobes). My stance is that clothes are my hobby and I have fewer boxes of them than some of my friends have of yarn, needlework patterns, and other craft items that they can’t bear to part with, so there. I have a few pieces that go back to high school, and I enjoy trawling through second-hand stores; this fall (autumn, I mean!), when I realized a couple of online retailers had stopped making staples I love, I went on e-bay to stock up. So sometimes I am bemused, at least, at how much I have, but I do get a lot of pleasure out of putting together outfits. Still, I’m sure I could go the rest of my life without buying anything but underwear and swimsuits.

    • carolbaby says:

      I am intrigued by these high school pieces!

      I’ve been so many different people (and so many different sizes!) that I tend to purge the entire wardrobe reasonably regularly.

      I think my oldest garment is a 60s dress (still with tags) bought over 20 years ago at some sale my second husband and I happened upon when weekending in the country (maybe for my 30th birthday?). It has passed between Bessie and I and is so well made I am reluctant to part with it. It’s currently not in circulation.

      Apart from some elderly t-shirts pretty much everything in my wardrobe has been bought in the last 2-3 years. This is admittedly pretty terrible, but for a long while I did buy garments that were kind of near-enough and inexpensive – not quite flattering. I saw a couple of SML pix of me yesterday and I was like “ugh, what was I thinking?”. Now at least everything is neutral, classic(ish) and kind of goes together. This suits where I’m at for now, but likely won’t in 203 years.

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