no new clothes: day forty

So far, much to my surprise, I am kicking goals with this particular challenge. Nothing new and 11% through my twelve month target.

I think I’ve achieved this moderate success mostly by convincing myself that I am not the sort of person who buys clothes. Much like my success with “I am not the sort of person who scoffs a family block of dairy milk chocolate”.**

However, I was very sorely tempted in late December by these delightful pink sneakers. They’re my favourite brand, which I’ve only ever seen in Japan. Plus pink.

Very Sorely Tempted.

I was all set to give myself permission to buy them and reset the twelve months once I’d made the purchase. But that is not really in the spirit of the endeavour, is it?

So I’m letting myself sit with the idea for a few months. I have seven pairs of sneakers already, do I really need more?

2879 days


** I need to extend this idea into other areas “I am the sort of person who does not dither about starting activities”, “I am the sort of person who drinks 1.5 litres of water every day”.

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