60before60: 2019 revisions

I’m almost two years into the 60before60 challenge. Yikes! Insert your favourite quote about the relentless march of time.

As with the 50before50 list, items are up for change as I reflect where I am and what I’m currently about.

To be honest, I’ve kind of been ignoring the list – there’s a few that definitely need to go and some that were vague and need clarifying. There are probably still more that will not make it past year three.


12. Enter Sydney to Gong bike ride (50)
I’d like to get back into riding, but why do I always have to be so extreme? The route is incredibly hilly and the idea of riding with thousands of other people in close quarters doesn’t really fill me with delight.
Replaced by: 10 craft projects = equivalent of one per year

40. Expunge “like” from my vocabulary (“like” used as filler, not in the “I like that cake” sense)
Save for logging every 30 minutes, or offering a bounty for spotting the use of “like”, I have no idea how to determine this. Abandoning!
Replaced by: 10 craft courses = equivalent of one per year

41. Be more present (precisely how to do this is yet to be determined)
Another of those admirable but unlikely to happen items. Another impossible to measure.
Replaced by: learn to pick a lock

56. do 5 pull ups
I honestly cannot see this being remotely achievable. What was I thinking?
Replaced by: learn to tie complicated knots



19. [something] movies
30 movie dates with Don = equivalent of three per year

20. [something] new music
Buy 12×10 new music = equivalent of one per month

21. [something] meditate
Meditate every day for a year. Record observations.

24. 2x local low-key, camping-style weekends away per year
10 low-key, low-cost weekends away = equivalent of one per year.

42. [something] about not buying fast fashion
no fast fashion in 2020

44. [something] hikes
20 hikes/bushwalks >10km = equivalent of two per year

50. [something] reading
Blog every book read – 2018-2028

51. [something] yoga | pilates
start a regular home yoga practice. 3x per week.


It took a while to realise I didn’t have a #60. If I can actually pull this one off, I will be delighted.

Spontaneous holiday – go to the airport or get in the car and go away for a week with absolutely no pre-planning!


2936 days

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