need a mask

Bushfire smoke blanketing the city once again this evening.

This time I’ve sensibly shut the windows to keep most of the smoke out. Hopefully this will go some way to avoiding a recrudescence of the ghastly post nasal drip.

There’s a catastrophic fire danger for most of the state tomorrow.

Stay safe!

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4 Responses to need a mask

  1. ganching says:

    Sounds really frightening. Hope you are staying at home tomorrow.

    • carolbaby says:

      Sensibly locked myself indoors and away from smoke today – it was quite bad in the morning and really dreadful in the evening.

      We’re very far away from bushland so are really pretty safe (apart from that smoke!).

      Very scary times.

  2. Sounds horrifying. My dad lives in Chico so was very close to the terrifying Paradise fire in CA last year. Stay safe.

    • carolbaby says:

      That is really scary! Don’s dad and brother up that way too, and his mom’s sister in Napa. It must be awful living under that sort of threat. Seems to be every summer now.

      Very very fortunate to be in a quite urban spot, but colleagues who live near the bush need to be pretty watchful and have evacuation plans. Definitely makes me reassess any plans to retire to the country!

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