perhaps that one can wait until xmas

Oh man, that post nasal drip was a killer.

I’m still plagued by an occasional cough, but otherwise thankfully now mostly recovered.

The levels of exhaustion caused by this illness in the past couple of weeks surprised me. I arrive home from SML and collapse on the couch in a near vegetative state. There has been a whole lot of mindless scrolling through r/AskReddit. I don’t know why I chose that particular activity. I can’t say I really recommend it.

In excellent news, we leave for our short tropical holiday at the end of the week. Thank TheUniverse! I’m in desperate need of more sloth.

Unlike last year I have no intentions of dragging along a bunch of library books, instead I saved several volumes from that very elderly mainly british epubs file to the kindle. At least some of my pool-side time will be spend re-reading the Jackson Brodie books (because I need a refresher before I start Big Sky), after that we’ll see how it goes.

I’m still undecided re: craft. Last year I took along the endless embroidery and it was delightful to stitch by the pool and by the ocean. This year I’m torn between the sashiko kit, starting my Japanese train inspired embroidery or taking along the impossible jumper to knit. The sashiko is by far the simplest of these because it’s a kit and therefore all ready to go. The jumper is slightly less simple and I’m not entirely convinced about knitting a giant jumper in the tropics. The trains is by far the most challenging and requires quite a bit of data prep work. Naturally I’m inclined toward the trains.

Because why not put an immense amount of pressure on myself before we leave?

2944-2938 days

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