projects 2014: 7 months in

  1. Project 2014: Running – get back to running 15km on a regular basis.
    FAIL!: Certainly nowhere near 15km, but I am progressing on the fitness front. Have I mentioned how terrible I am at boxing, but how much I love it?

  2. Project 2014: Frugality – buy nothing unnecessary in 2014
    ACHIEVED!: every single thing I have purchased has been vital. Including my Ace! new sunnies.

  3. Project 2014: Foodz – try a new recipe twice per month AND document it
    FAIL!: must get back on that train

  4. Project 2014: Micro-travel – Go away for (at least) FOUR weekends
    ACHIEVED!: No weekends in July. Only one weekend to go for the FY. Keen to get to the Nation’s Capital and at least one bash at campering.

  5. Project 2014: Education – Diploma of Advanced Manageressing
    FAIL!: I really need to get some sort of extension for the whole thing or abandon it completely. Resolving this should be my August goal.

  6. Project 2014: Escape – make plans for getting the heck out of SML
    FAIL!: yes, yes – talk to me in December.

  7. Project 2014: Try New Things – one new thing per month
    FAIL!: Pretty sure that I tried nothing new.

  8. Project 2014: Romance – do one couple-y/date-y thing per fortnight
    FAIL!: Must make the time to focus on romance.

  9. Project 2014: Watching – watch good film and television regularly
    FAIL!: I’m hopeful that dendy direct will resolve this.

  10. Project 2014: Sobriety – don’t drink too much alcohol
    ACHIEVED!: Doing not too badly, except for that brief catch-up with Dishy(ex)Boss.

  11. Project 2014: Reading – for every trashy book I read for teh lulz, read something proper
    A good while back, I … cough … acquired a bunch of electronic books labelled mainly british epubs – 800 books from which I have discovered many really, really brilliant things, and have gone on to spend loads of $$$ on works by authors I would never have known about (if you’d like me to hook you up, give me a shout).

    I feel like I’m currently into the dregs of the 800 and am lucky-dipping. I’ve started and abandoned david quantick: grumpy old men (utterly try hard), brian gallagher: the feng shui junkie (completely unsympathetic characters – little wonder her husband had an affair), tom holt: faust among equals (dude, Terry Pratchett did it so, so much better).

    I’ve finished clare allcard: living afloat (i did like this, though no desire to live on a boat), clare littleford: death duty (really loathsome protagonist, but not bad novel), tom holt: portable door (terry pratchett still did it better, but readable). I’ve also read a couple of David Sedaris: me talk pretty one day and barrel fever.

    Must find something compelling for August.

At the end of June I wondered if I could make being an achieving go-getter happen in July and promised to report back. Let’s just make that a no.

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