So, in a I-have-8-weeks-long-service-leave-and-I-need-to-use-it-before-I-GTFO delirium, Donaldo and I have spontaneously decided on a brief trip to Hong Kong1 in the (very early) new year.

I’m wildly excited to visit such a Giant City!

Thoughts? Recommendations?

1yes, not a destination on that 50before50 list, I’ll have to add it! (33 to go!)

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2 Responses to unexpected

  1. nancyblackett says:

    Just a question, but don’t they need to pay out your LSL if you leave before using it? In which case, can’t you book the holiday and simultaneously plan your alternate career strategy? I used to live in HK eons again so have some very dated advice but feel free to email me.


    • carolbaby says:

      Oh yes, they do. But I am really, really keen to take the time off for holidays and not working, rather than having the $$.

      That and I am avoiding it because I am deathly afraid that no other employer will want me.

      Brilliant! I will email, I have no idea about anything!


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