do you want the skin-coloured tape or the sporty blue tape?

I fought my way through the very dense fog to the FatController this morning (definitely a morning to stay in bed!).

After running about and up and down stairs to warm up, it was 50 burpees for which I scored 2 free weeks gym membership (there’s a gym challenge on at the moment). Ace! When I saw the challenge posted on the wall on Thursday, I was like “yeah, no”. I’ve not done burpees since high school and I was surprised to find that I could actually do any.

When I started to use the ab wheel thingy as part of the next circuit, something went owwwwwwwww in my lower right abdomen and I writhed about on the floor in pain. It felt like I imagined a hernia would feel. I’ve had twinges before when doing ab work, but nothing like this!

FC thought hip-flexor, but stretching it out didn’t help much. I was keen to keep going, so we tried a different exercise, but there was much more owwwwwwwww and he insisted I stop and get myself to a physio – stat.

Sweetheart that he is, he offered to drive me home, but home is less than 10 minutes from the gym and walking wasn’t too painful. When I got home I (well, Don) managed to find a local physio who didn’t appear to have received his qualifications via cereal packet (unlike the last one) and who could fit me in today.

Physio was really, really great! He thought hip-flexor or abdominal muscle strain and with lots of testing eliminated the hip-flexor.

I have weak, weak abs (which comes as no surprise), plus having them chopped during my two ute operations has probably done me no favours. Physio also thought the weak abs were the likely cause of my previous knee issues.

So I am taped and am on rest and anti-inflammatories and ice-ing. It hurts to cough and laugh and get up from lying down.

I’m back to Physio on Monday evening to review and if not significantly better, it is off to SuperHappyFunGP for a referral for a scan to assess if I have a tear or a hole (ewww) in the muscle.

Honestly, the fun never stops around here.

2 thoughts on “do you want the skin-coloured tape or the sporty blue tape?

    • Fortunately am much improved (less of the sharp, stabbing agony, more of the dull ache), so physio is discounting muscle tear or hole – hurrah!

      He thinks it is scar tissue adhering to and detaching from places it shouldn’t (ewww), but he was delighted at my recovery (as was I!). Am still off proper exercise though & have some more very gentle ab exercises to be going on with. Back on Saturday.

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