2014 not-resolutions: joan

Lastly, Joan’s list.

The review of 2013:

  1. Repay personal loan in 2012/13 financial year
    ACHIEVED! – amazingly sensible with money, this one

  2. Be less neurotic
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – definitely less than in 2012

  3. Healthier lifestyle
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – definitely eating less junk, not so much with the exercise

  4. Expand hobbies + interests
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – became interested in the world game. played netball for a time.

  5. Determine future education + career goals
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – moved to a sexy new job, determined what she *doesn’t* want to do with her life

And for 2014:

  1. Achieve savings goal
  2. Determine future education + career goals
  3. Cook more in the home
  4. Continue travels
  5. Learn foreign language
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