2014 not-resolutions: don

Now for my lovely husband

Review of 2013

  1. Proper golf handicap under 20
    ACHIEVED! down to 19 – woo!

  2. Finish better than 8th in Fantasy Baseball
    ACHIEVED! – 5th and first in Fantasy (American) Football (which was a surprise to everyone)

  3. Go camping more than in 2012 (so more than once)
    NOT ACHIEVED – need moar holidays

  4. Improve fitness through yoga & other exercise
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – going pretty well until that broken rib thing.

  5. Paint all of ThePalace(OfLove)
    NOT ACHIEVED – unfortunately, I forsee this being on the list for many, many years to come. yes, we are those people with the half-painted haus

And for 2014:

  1. Make more beer – including a lager
  2. Make sausages
  3. Get handicap under 18 at home course
  4. Make play-offs in fantasy football and fantasy baseball
  5. Go camping at least once

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