2014 not-resolutions: joe/frank

Second up, my baby boy!

First, the review of 2013

  1. Achieve an ATAR of at least 70+
    NOT ACHIEVED – fortunately there is a plan for 2014 which does not immediately involve university!

  2. Start a project that will enhance my mind and interests.
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – a lot more involved in the cooking and has become really quite good at it

  3. Broaden my horizons in interests.
    NOT ACHIEVED – no horizons broadened

  4. Get in better shape.
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – unexpectedly lost tons of weight by stopping takeaway lunches, but this was counteracted by otherwise slothful ways

  5. Watch at least one French thing per week.
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED! – off to a very good start, but fell by the wayside mid-year

And for 2014:

  1. A firmer idea of what I want to do with regards to working (i.e. a successful time at TTW)
  2. Become fitter. Start exercising more.
  3. Finish in top 8 of AFL and NRL fantasy leagues
  4. Get driver’s licence
  5. Cook at least once a week and expand cooking repertoire

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