2014 not resolutions: bessie

As is tradition around these parts, I force the family to compile a list of 5 things they might like to think about maybe doing during the coming year. There is no pressure to Achieve these things (hence the not part) – it is purely and simply a list and a good indication in future times of where everyone’s head was at.

First, let’s review Bessie’s 2013 not-resolutions:

  1. Achieve an atar 80+
    NOT ACHIEVED – sadly no. Has forced some rethinking about the course for next year – though hopefully she can scrape in on the basis of her portfolio

  2. Be proud of my major works
    ACHIEVED! – both the coat and artwork were pretty Ace!

  3. Have a fulfilling year and take every opportunity as it is my last year at school
    ACHIEVED! – unlike her siblings (who were pretty indifferent) Bessie utterly adored school and was Very sad to leave

  4. Take more photos
    NOT ACHIEVED – not a whole lot of photography going on

  5. Be more social
    ACHIEVED – she’s always out and about at one thing or another

And up for 2014:

  1. Get a (part-time) job
  2. Enjoy my course
  3. Go to festivals and see bands
  4. Finish my quilt (flanelette, girly patchwork) and continuing making things and being crafty
  5. Travel
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