2013 not resolutions: joan

And in the grand family tradition of putting things off until one can no longer avoid them, Joan’s Not Resolutions.

Firstly, let’s review 2012:

  1. Pass all Law subjects
    ACHIEVED: it is a continuing mystery how she manages to leave assignments and exam prep to the last possible second and still do well

  2. Have a more healthy diet / cook more
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: certainly very much better than at the beginning of the year, but still occasional lapses into the horribly unhealthy

  3. Shed pounds
    NOT ACHIEVED: but finally stopped paying the excessive gym fees to not actually attend the gym

  4. Be less neurotic
    NOT ACHIEVED: oh my! So very not achieved

  5. Broaden horizons (try new things and whatever)
    ACHIEVED: another big trip to Europe and several other bits and pieces

And for 2013:

  1. Repay personal loan in 2012/13 financial year
  2. Be less neurotic
  3. Healthier lifestyle
  4. Expand hobbies + interests
  5. Determine future education + career goals

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