2013 not resolutions: bessie

And, after a couple of gentle reminders, Bessie is up next.

Bessie’s 2012 not resolutions:

  1. do more crafty projects
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: only if you consider desperately completing practical assessment work at the last minute

  2. spend less time on the Internet
    NOT ACHIEVED: just like the rest of us, so very very very not achieved

  3. have a more broad cooking range/ harder
    NOT ACHIEVED: there was a good deal of cooking, just not a great deal of divergence from the old favourites

  4. read more
    ACHIEVED: regularly to be found with head in a book

  5. do reasonably well in all my subjects
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: doing a good deal better in the first term of year 12 after some very ordinary year 11 results

And for 2013:

  1. Achieve an atar 80+
  2. Be proud of my major works
  3. Have a fulfilling year and take every opportunity as it is my last year at school
  4. Take more photos
  5. Be more social

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