exercise 2013: week one(a)

Week one is rapidly drawing to a close and I had yet to embark on any exercise at all. Saturday morning yoga was out because Don left for golf at some ungodly hour and the yoga studio is quite time-consuming to get to via public transport1. So running it was!

It has been many months since I was last out (27 September, according to my super-fantastic sportstracker app) and I intended to put No Pressure on myself to do anything more than sporadically jog. I also took a new, gentler route which was primarily flat, punctuated by the occasional gentle incline.

2.77km | 22:50

I really surprised myself – 2km of actual running was infinitely better than I could have hoped. Though I think I will be paying for it over the next few days.

I need another exercisely activity for tomorrow. Surely painting counts? After painting the laundry I discovered muscles I’d long since forgotten I have.

1I’m thinking of borrowing Bessie’s bicycle to see if biking there is do-able. I’d use Don’s, but he has crazy-long legs and I can’t touch the ground without potentially impaling myself on the cross-bar.

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