film 2013: 2 (sightseers)

Don’s pick and there was not a great deal he wanted to see, but he settled on Sightseers at the Dendy. It is just amazing to be able to have two great cinemas in strolling distance.

Fortunately we’d booked online earlier in the day – because the session was sold out! There were very few seats left in the theatrette when we arrived, so we plonked ourselves on one of the two-seater couches at the very front. Ever-so-slightly too close to the screen, but fabulously comfy – would sit again.

As for the film? Very funny (and very dark) but (I thought) a little try-hard and unresolved in bits.

Carol: 3 kitties

Don: 3.5 kitties (I really must work on those half kitties images [edit:updated!])

While walking to Newtown and discussing this and that, we realised that we had missed our wedding anniversary – which was a couple of days before though we could not remember the exact date (and was forced to resort to the blog), nor could we remember how many years we’d been married (but the same post helped with that too!).

I knew all this banging on would be useful for something one day!


Oh and we’ve refined the project rules a little. If the person whose turn it is cannot decide, the other can select the movie (and not lose their turn). No 3D films ever. No multiplexes ever.

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