i feel like dancin’ … woo! dancin’ … woo!

You know it can only be a good omen when Leo Sayer catches your wedding chariot…

Yay for the 431!

I only wish my hair was that fabulous (and he’s older than my mother!)

We’re hitched!

Normal transmission will resume shortly.

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8 Responses to i feel like dancin’ … woo! dancin’ … woo!

  1. jamesobrien says:

    Totally gorgeous! Congratulations…

  2. EEEEEEEEEE!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  3. Elsewhere007 says:

    Congrats. The thing about LS is bizarre, but what a wedding blessing! I love the fact that you caught the 431.

  4. Harriet says:

    Congratulations!! You look beautiful!! I meant to send a Happy Wedding Day email but I forgot! I did think about you though!

  5. Cellobella says:

    Wow! Congratulations and that is the BEST wedding story I’ve heard.Definitely a good omen.đŸ™‚CBxx

  6. carolbaby says:

    Thank you my beloved imaginary internet pals for your good wishes!It was quite, quite lovely – with the added bonus of being small and quick.And now I’m a Mrs (again).Elsewhere, 431: chariot to the stars and a bargain at $6.30 for the 5 of us [Dfkan travelled by cab from the Cross which cost more than us combined]. Leo lives on St Johns Road, but I didn’t imagine he would actually deign to travel by bus – which made him rise considerably in my estimation, but perhaps he just lost all those riches on hookers and blow.Harriet, don’t even mention sending me an email – I am prostrated with guilt that I am way overdue with that email I keep promising you.James, HB and CB, I loves youse all (and of course, you too elsewhere and harriet) – why yes, I am somewhat drunk.(Only 4 days until normal transmission resumes [and Mom returns home] – whereupon I may regale you with anecdotes).

  7. jano says:

    Oh, how did I miss this? Congrats, and well done chaps etc. Lovely pics.

  8. carolbaby says:

    Thanks muchly Jano! And of course, I (undrunkenly!) include you in my love youse list!

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